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Ron Holland 150' Performance Ketch 3D Model

3D Model Viewer Instructions:

The Doyle 3D models may be rotated, panned and zoomed by dragging the mouse over the model window according to the commands listed below.  First time users will be guided through installing a plug-in.  The plug-in only works on Windows computers using IE or Netscape as a browser.  The viewer options menu is found in the bottom right corner of the window by dragging the mouse over the corner.  The models are best viewed with the Shaded and Orthographic options checked. 

  • Rotate: Left Mouse Button + Move mouse
  • Zoom: Right Mouse Button + Mouse up and down
  • Pan: Left + Right Mouse Buttons + Move mouse

RH150 3D Model

<img src="DoyleLogo_1.5.jpg" width="700" height="600">

* Click Here for High Resolution Model

Questions and comments, please contact Tyler Doyle (tdoyle@doylesails.com).  More information on the 3d plugin viewer can be found at www.3DCompress.com/web/prod_view.asp.