Doyle Sails Handle Easier

Doyle StackPack, Doyle Sails Handle Easier

Doyle Sailmakers makes sailing your boat easier, so you enjoy it and use it more.

Many boats don't leave the dock due to the hassle of wrestling with the mainsail, the frustration from too-light winds, or the lack of crew needed to handle the sails. Even long-distance cruisers sometimes delay reefing due to the effort required, or choose headings that let them beam reach quickly rather than broad reach slowly. Instead of freeing you to enjoy your boat, your sails limit you from doing what you want to do. At Doyle, we turn this equation on its head.

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Doyle's history of innovation has made sails far easier for the everyday sailor to use.

Our unique StackPack mainsail handling system simplifies the biggest hassle of going sailing - raising and lowering your mainsail.

The Doyle Utility Power Sail, a spinnaker-genoa hybrid, provides tremendous offwind reaching power in a simple to use package.

Doyle sailmakers know that making sailing easier for you, means you enjoy your boat more, and more often.

At the forefront of sailmaking technology, Doyle designers have solved some of the most unique challenges in the history of going to sea. Mirabella V, the largest sloop in the world, carries a 280 foot tall mast, prompting Doyle to invent a segmented mainsail joined by patented compression battens. For the Maltese Falcon, Doyle helped perfect an internal mast-furling system for this groundbreaking square-rigged vessel.

You'll probably never need a sail as long as a football field.

But you can apply the same experience and innovation that goes into these accomplishments to your boat. More and more every day sailors around the world are realizing they don't have to work as hard as they have to enjoy their boat. Mainsails should go up and down with little effort, sailboats should still sail in lighter winds, and sail-related hassles should be a thing of the past.

If you want to find out how, talk to Doyle, makers of Better Engineered Sails.

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