Doyle Sails Last Longer

Rich Wilson, Doyle Sails Last Longer

Sails are big investments and critical pieces of equipment.

Doyle Sailmakers builds sails to last longer than any other sail for the way you want to sail your boat. Such rugged success does not come from off-the-shelf items, only from specialized products built specifically for you and your boat.

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Our sail consultants work with you to determine your sailing goals and experience, and your expectations for your sails. We examine your boat to identify elements of the rig or deck hardware that will affect the way you set, trim, and furl them. And we draw upon the combined experience of Doyle sailmakers around the world to provide you with the most appropriate shape design, cloth selection, and component hardware for your specific boat and use. As a result of all this applied experience, you receive a Doyle sail that lasts longer and performs better than any comparable product.

A few examples tell the story best.

Doyle race sails have set the standard for lifespan and performance life on racecourses around the world.

Challenging distance races like the Sydney-Hobart and Newport-Bermuda sees winning boats using the same race sails two and three years in a row, while their competitors replace expensive sails from our competitors every year.

Rich Wilson on Great American II set a new world speed record from Hong Kong to New York, after sailing from New York to Australia to Hong Kong on the same set of sails; then she used them to place second racing across Atlantic.

In the most grueling Vendée Globe in history, which forced 19 of the 30 competitors to retire, Rich Wilson put Doyle Vectran inlaid fiber sails through 28,590 miles of extraordinary hard use with no problems. Read more about Rich Wilson's experience in the 2008-2009 Vendée Globe.

But the best testament to Doyle durability are the unsung heroes cruising on waters around the world with Doyle sails that just last and last, with little fanfare.

Doyle cruising sails have set the standard for long-term durability through the use of features like the Crescent Cut design that Robbie Doyle pioneered decades ago, which give a sail the greatest possible protection against flogging and sun damage.

We developed the Doyle Quicksilver to combine the performance of club race sail with the durability of a Dacron cruising product.

Our Doyle StackPacks and Cradle Covers have extended the life of heavily-used charter mainsails by as much as 30 percent.

Even the most basic sails for casual daysailors benefits from the design and construction lessons learned from Doyle Superyacht and Grand Prix racing sails to create sails that give them the most for their sail dollar.

Out of the bag, any sail can look good, the key is how it stands the tests of use and time. When your Doyle Cruising sails serve you well for an additional three or four years longer than you expect, or your Doyle Racing sails stay blazing fast for a few seasons more, you save money by postponing new sails for your boat.

Doyle makes stronger, longer-lasting sails to give you a more dependable, more easily maintained, more affordable sail to own and enjoy.

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