Asymmetric Power Cruiser (APC)

Known as the Doyle Asymmetric Power Cruiser, the APC fills the gap in your sailing inventory with one easy to use sail. The sail combines the characteristics of a reaching genoa with a spinnaker, without a pole or other expensive equipment. The APC is designed to excel in light air with apparent wind as close as 45° and in heavy winds up to 25 miles per hour downwind. In light air, sail with the APC only, to eliminate the frustration of slatting sails and the noise of the motor.

Doyle APC

Downwind sailing has never been easier or more fun!

The Doyle APC has opened up a whole new realm of simple, fun-filled sailing with an easy to set and fly asymmetrical spinnaker. Dousing it is easy and trouble free with the ATN Spinnaker Sleeve.

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The APC Design

Doyle APC DesignDoyle APC

The APC is designed specifically for the cruising sailor.

It is slightly smaller in overall dimensions than the racing A1, but has the same attributes. The even entry allows easier trimming and stabilizes the sail. A flatter leech creates less backwind for better reaching.

The longer luff gives the sail more drawing power, and gets more area out in front of the mainsail. This is very effective in the 100-130 degree apparent wind angles.

The shorter leech allows the sail to be more easily trimmed on all points of sail.

The APC is a stable, powerful sail that will improve your offwind performance. Its unique geometry, combined with an aerodynamic cross sectional shape, allows the sail to fly out away from the boat in undisturbed air. This applies more force on the boat and increases your downwind capability.

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APC Advantages

  • The APC is simple to use especially when set with an ATN Spinnaker Sleeve. It is perfect for shorthanded cruising.
  • The APC can be used with existing halyards and tacked to the existing bow cleat.
  • Performs as both a spinnaker and reaching genoa.
  • There is no need for a spinnaker pole or other equipment.
  • The APC is made from nylon or polyester, in varying weights and colors depending on your needs.
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Fly Your APC

The APC is such a great sail because it doesn't need extra equipment. You can use your existing sheets, but most owners opt to purchase a permanent APC sheet and leave it attached to the sail. You only need one sheet. This sheet should be about 1.5 times the length of the boat. The APC comes with a tack line.

To set the APC, simply attach the tack line to the bow, run a sheet to the stern and attach the halyard. Then turn your boat downwind, so that the APC will be in the shadow of the mainsail and hoist. When the sail is fully hoisted, trim the sail and head up to course. Learn more...

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APC Standard Features and Options

Standard Features

  • Full radial design
  • Color Coded Edges with Adjustable Non-Stretch Lines
  • Labeled Corners
  • Launching Sail Bag & Sail Ties
  • Spliced Tack Line


  • ATN Spinnaker Sleeve
  • Numbers
  • Insignia
  • Custom Graphics
  • APC Maxi a larger APCl that has the ability to sail at deeper angles. For Cruisers who intend to do some racing as well.
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Color Your APC

Doyle Captured Star Spinnaker Diagram Doyle Centered Star Spinnaker Diagram Doyle Chevron Spinnaker Diagram

Captured Star

Centered Star


Standard patterns include Captured Star, Centered Star and Chevrons.

Use the Doyle Spinnaker Color Program to select the colors and patterns you want in your spinnaker. Actual panel layout will vary based on sail dimensions and design. Colors will vary based on cloth selection.

Color your spinnaker now!

Doyle Sail Graphics

Want to a logo or image on your APC?

Doyle Sailmakers draws upon 30+ years of sailmaking experience, plus the latest in wide-printing technology, to produce highly customized graphics on sails. Through a variety of methods images of any kind can be placed on sails of all types.

Learn more about Doyle Sail Graphics.

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