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Still considered some of the most durable and economical sails around, it is not surprising to see how many of our original Durasails are still going strong.  Our superior engineered sails, designed by sail designers who understand how sails get used have allowed us to build a better, more durable sail. 

These sails are designed with shapes that make them easy to handle, and our "2+2" Mainsail has become the standard for the casual cruiser. The Durasail is designed for the cruising sailor who truly values performance and durability, and is still custom designed by our in-house design team, and fitted to your exact boat. 

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Our refined production processes and purchasing power have allowed us to bring exceptional features and quality at an affordable price.  The Durasail is a premium sail built out of quality woven Dacron®.

A lot can change in 15 years. It's nice to know your sails won't. We have applied the latest sailmaking technologies to the good old Dacron® sails with which you grew up; sails that were easy to handle and lasted forever. The result is Durasail, a line of sails built to endure the rigors of salt, wind and the family budget.

All of our standard features are meant to increase the life of the sail.  The longer the sails lasts, with less maintenance, the lower the overall cost.

What else can you expect from the Doyle Durasail Series?

  • Superior engineered sails understanding loads, strain and chafe help us build a better, more durable sail
  • Rugged Dacron with a cross-cut layout the most proven, durable sail construction method there is
  • Corner patches for even load distribution, preventing premature material failure
  • Leech Lines to prevent leech flutter, minimizing cloth fatigue
  • Pressed rings at corners and reefs
  • Appropriate luff and foot hardware

Durasail Mainsail

Durasail Headsails

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