Doyle Durasail 2+2 Main

Doyle Durasail Sabre

The Ideal Cruising Main

The Doyle 2+2 Mainsail has the ideal batten configuration for performance and durability especially for offshore cruising. The 2+2 batten configuration (2 full length top battens and 2 standard length lower battens) provides a durable and versatile performing sail.

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The Layout Philosophy

For many years full batten mains have been the norm for cruising boats and this continues to be true. The full length battens add overall durability to the sail by reducing flogging, and contribute to supporting the mainsail fabric. However, having all the battens full length unnecessarily increases the weight of the sail and removes some of the shape controlling ability through the lower portion. With full battens down low, the ability to change the camber of the sail in that area is impaired by the stiffness of the battens, and they also inhibit the reefing process.

The Doyle 2+2 Mainsail has a durability advantage provided by the stability of the full top battens and the performance advantage of varying shape because of standard length lower battens.

Doyle Durasail 2+ 2 Main Standard Features and Options

Doyle Durasail 2 Plus 2 Main

Standard Features

  • Cross Cut, Dacron Construction
  • 2 Full Battens
  • 2 Short Battens
  • 1 Reef
  • Loose Foot
  • Slides or Bolt Rope
  • Moderate Roach Profile
  • Cornerl Patches to distribute loading evenly

  • Batten Reinforcements to stop leech flutter
  • Pressed Ring at Head reduces weight aloft
  • Adjustable Leech Line to eliminate flutter
  • Telltales
  • Sail Bag
  • Sail Ties


  • Sail Numbers
  • Additional Reef
  • Insignia
  • StackPack


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