Doyle Durasail Full Batten Main

The Ideal Cruising Main

Doyle's Durasail Full Batten Main is an ideal, value priced solution for bay and coastal cruisers. What distinguishes the Durasail Series from the competition is the custom design, attention to detail and quality of workmanship. The Durasail is a premium sail built out of quality of woven Dacron®. The Durasail is designed for the cruising sailor who truly values performance and durability. All Durasails are computer designed and molded with the latest technology and are built to last.

A lot can change in 15 years. It's nice to know your sails won't. We have applied the latest sailmaking technologies to the good old Dacron® sails with which you grew up; sails that were easy to handle and lasted forever. The result is Durasail, a line of sails built to endure the rigors of salt, wind and the family budget.

Doyle's Durasail Full Batten Mainsail comes with a Three Year Guarantee.

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The Layout Philosophy

For many years full batten mains have been the norm for cruising boats and offshore racing boats and this continues to be true. The full length battens add overall durability to the sail by reducing flogging, and contribute to supporting the mainsail fabric.

Do the Full Battens Have Trouble Going Up and Down the Mast?

With older sails and slide systems, people shied away from full length battens because they would catch as the sail went up and down the luff track. With modern slides and sail systems, this problem has been eliminated. Custom Doyle "Slip Slides" engineered out of Nylotron, are self lubricating and much stronger than conventional slides. They are economical and stop the battens from hanging up.


Doyle Durasail Full Batten Main Standard Features and Options

Doyle Durasail Full Batten Main

Standard Features

  • 4 Full Battens
  • 1 Reef
  • Loose Foot
  • Cunningham
  • Slides or Bolt Rope
  • Moderate Roach Profile
  • Large Radial Patches to distribute loading evenly

  • Batten Reinforcements to stop leech flutter
  • Trim Line to help locate proper lead position

  • Webbed Head to minimize weight
  • Adjustable Leech Line to eliminate flutter
  • Telltales
  • Sail Bag
  • Sail Ties


  • Sail Numbers
  • Additional Reef
  • Insignia
  • StackPack


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