The most resilient sail fabric ever

Doyle Vectran, The most resilient sail fabric ever, Velsheda

If it has to last, Vectran is the choice

Doyle Vectran Fabrics is the standard for maximum durability and performance. Demanding yachts such as the 137’ sloop Corsta V, the J Class’ Velsheda and Shamrock, the 154’ Juliet, and the 140’ Schooner Borkumriff are all testament to what the Wolfson Unit was able to exhibit in the lab. There now exists the fiber and the fabric to give both continued performance as well as durability, Doyle Vectran.

  • Vectran has excellent modulus [stretch resistance], on par with Kevlar 29.
  • Vectran has zero creep, or stretch over time, so it retains its shape.
  • Vectran repels water so it does not foster mildew.
  • Vectran resists flex fatigue,retaining its strength and stretch resistance.
  • Vectran offers superior laminate strength because its flat ribbon-type fiber bonds extremely well to films and taffetas.
  • Doyle Vectran Cruising fabrics have protective UV shields that retain their strength after prolonged UV exposure.

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Performance cruising sailors around the world choose Doyle Vectran sail fabric

    The project manager for Velsheda asked the Wolfson Unit of Southampton University to test Vectran fabric, along with Spectra, woven Dacron-Vectran, Dacron, and other fabrics for strength, stretch, flex fatigue, bond strength, and UV resistance. He chose Doyle's specially designed Vectran fabric.

    Another customer wanted to insure he had the most durable possible sails for his Jongert 40 meter [131’], and contracted with “Independent Textile Testing Services” to test samples of Doyle Vectran versus Spectra taffeta products. After the equivalent of three years of UV exposure, the Doyle Vectran showed “Negligible or no change,” while the Spectra tafetta samples showed “Noticeable change.”

    Vectran is the Fiber of choice for the World's Toughest Sails, as well as for Dirigibles, Space Suits, Submarine Towing Cables, and the Landing Balloons for the Mars Pathfinder.