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The sailmaker of choice in the Great Lakes

Al Declercq began his sailmaking career working for Hood Sail in 1979. One year later he opened a North Sails loft in Detroit. Nine years later, he sold his interest in the North Detroit loft to Terry Kohler and opened the UK Detroit loft. This loft quickly grew into the largest and most respected loft in the Midwest. After 15 years with UK, we decided to join the Doyle Team.

Al has over 50,000 miles of offshore sailing experience including one Fasnet Race, one Trans-Atlantic delivery, 1 Trans-Pac race, 5 Miami to Jamaica races, 5 Newport to Bermuda races, 6 Marblehead to Halifax races, 6 St. Petersburg to Ft. Lauderdale races, 2 Newport to Cabo St. Lucas races, 3 Annapolis to Newport races, 38 Pt. Huron to Mackinac races, 32 Chicago to Mackinac races and 3 Trans-Superior races. Al has won the One-Ton Worlds, One-Ton North Americans, Two-Ton Worlds, Two-Ton North Americans, MORC Internationals, 17 Mackinac races and numerous one- design events.

Al is owner and head designer at the Doyle Detroit loft and works closely with Richard Bouzaid at the Doyle New Zealand loft to insure our sail shapes are second to none. Al has been instrumental in refining our sled shapes; first with Fred Detwilers’s highly successful Andrews 70, Trader and now with Detwiler’s new TP 52, Allan Fletcher’s Great Lakes 70, Colt 45 and Bill McKinley’s NM 68, Denali. Aside from the sleds, Al’s design projects include the Beneteau 36.7, Beneteau 40.7, J-105, J-120, and Etchells 22 along with numerous other One-Design and PHRF boats. Our customers’ total dominance in the Great Lakes region documents the success of our sail designs.

Let Doyle Detroit show you the way.

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