Customer Comments

The Prettiest Main That I Have Ever Had, Bill Weiner

Dear Al and company,

I wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with my new Doyle sails. They are nicer and lighter (as well as much less expensive) than my previous sails. The sailing season got off to a little bit of a slow start because of the cool weather and my motor problems. We’re planning to do the overnight Port Huron race, club races and the Mackinaw race.

The main sail is the prettiest main that I have ever had and has a beautiful seamless appearance. It seems like everything has been well thought out with appropriate reinforcement in the appropriate areas. We put it up 2 weeks ago at the dock in 15-20 knot winds with the full length battens and it just stayed there without any flogging. It reminds me of the geometry of the Brooklyn Bridge. The jib works well and the screecher is very well cut flat for reaching.

The Tides Marine system is really impressive also. It went up the mast fine I just wish that I had known that it could go as low as the gate on the mast which is rather long because that would’ve allowed the sail to rest lower on the boom. Right now we are still rolling the main up on the boom. I was impressed with the battens systems. One time when we came in under sail because of motor trouble we released the halyard to slow the boat and the whole sail dropped on the helmsman in the time that it took to catch the halyard! It can be reefed much earlier.

Perhaps sometime it would be possible to get some Doyle logos for the sail covers.

Thanks again
Bill Weiner