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Going Fast and Having Fun, Al Michaud

Al -

I thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how the new sails have been working. Two weeks ago we took the boat to Cleveland Race week.

In PHRF E we scored 5 firsts & were able to “sail off” the course & load the boat on the trailer without sailing the last race. Very fun!

They do not score overalls because they split the racers onto two courses & even change mark locations between fleets on the windward/leeward courses. But, we could figure out a couple of times where we had a 2,3, and 5 in overalls. Not bad in a group of 50 boats.

The sails made a big difference in our results as I expected they would.

Not to jinx anything, but we’ve had 7 bullets in the last 7 races.

We’re going fast and having fun.

Al Michaud

The Prettiest Main That I Have Ever Had, Bill Weiner

Dear Al and company,

I wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with my new Doyle sails. They are nicer and lighter (as well as much less expensive) than my previous sails. The sailing season got off to a little bit of a slow start because of the cool weather and my motor problems. We’re planning to do the overnight Port Huron race, club races and the Mackinaw race.

The main sail is the prettiest main that I have ever had and has a beautiful seamless appearance. It seems like everything has been well thought out with appropriate reinforcement in the appropriate areas. We put it up 2 weeks ago at the dock in 15-20 knot winds with the full length battens and it just stayed there without any flogging. It reminds me of the geometry of the Brooklyn Bridge. The jib works well and the screecher is very well cut flat for reaching.

The Tides Marine system is really impressive also. It went up the mast fine I just wish that I had known that it could go as low as the gate on the mast which is rather long because that would’ve allowed the sail to rest lower on the boom. Right now we are still rolling the main up on the boom. I was impressed with the battens systems. One time when we came in under sail because of motor trouble we released the halyard to slow the boat and the whole sail dropped on the helmsman in the time that it took to catch the halyard! It can be reefed much earlier.

Perhaps sometime it would be possible to get some Doyle logos for the sail covers.

Thanks again
Bill Weiner

Darryll Headley, Tartan 28


My name is Darryll Headley, I’m a customer of Andy’s and have purchased 3 sails from your loft through him. Andy has given me tremendous service.

This year my boat won the Lorain Sailing and Yacht Club JAM spring and summer series. In the summer series our throw out was a 1st. In the fall we moved up to PHRF by rigging the boat quickly and borrowing spinnakers from Brian Huntley and Chris Merkle. Anyway we won the PHRF fall series and then won the sail off for the club’s PHRF boat of the year with the help of the above people and getting my new Doyle Tape Drive in about 2 weeks. I see this relationship continuing. Thanks again to Andy and your loft.

Darryll Headley, Tartan 28

Greg Horvath, C&C 99


Thanks for the news. A few of your Bay City customers faired well in the Huron Challenge (DSA Doublehand Race) Toot2 and Jester took first and second respectively on the Bay City course. Seems I saw few more Doyle Sails on other fleet winners as well. Very pleased with the sails – Joe continues to provide excellent dedicated service.

Greg Horvath
Jester – C&C 99

Jerry Bolek


Since we started using the new sail we are unbeatable! 2 races and the Atwood Cup race (5 laps in 93 degrees of heat). How can I get my boat faster downwind? Give me a call when you have time. Thanks!

Jerry Bolek

Jim Shufflin


Thanks again for building me a new sail. It just fits and its very fast. The clew height is just right, the foot self-skirts and the additional sail area Vs the old 3DL is considerable. So far, 2 races – 2 O/A’s.

Jim Shufflin

John L. Huff, International 110

Hi Al,

Congratulations on your merger with Doyle. Robbie Doyle, Dave Curtis and other guys at your firm are legends in the International 110 Class. The tape drive sails you developed for the Class are unbeatable. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the Class, and have a great Fall season!

John L. Huff

Pat Waters, C&C 115

Hi Al,

We took our new C&C 115 out racing for the first time yesterday in winds ranging from 5 knots to 25 knots. I have to tell you, the Kevlar/Mylar main and genoas are awesome! Beautiful shape, construction and they fit the boat perfectly. We missed finishing first by 50 seconds in a race over 20 miles, so it was a good beginning. We reefed the main also at one point and that worked great also.

Thanks for a super suit of sails!

Pat Waters

Paul Horst

The sails have performed well. Our last day on the last leg from New Caledonia to Brisbane was probably the strongest winds, 30-35 kts on the beam, 20′+ seas. Had two reefs in the main, and partially furled Yankee. Maybe a bit over canvassed, but without a 3rd reef, we didn’t want to drop the main completely, and it wouldn’t have been fun in those conditions. The boat handled it fine; we just got a bit wet when the occasional rogue wave decided to crash over the boat.

Paul Horst

Pontiac Sailing Education Foundation, Esther Callahan

Dear Al,

Thank you for your Opti Sail donation to the Pontiac Sailing Education Foundation. Your support will help us to continue our purpose to foster educational programs for the training in the service of seamanship, navigation and related skills and other activities related to the purpose of sailing.

Esther Callahan
Auction Chairman
Pontiac Sailing Education Foundation