Customer Comments

Paul Horst

The sails have performed well. Our last day on the last leg from New Caledonia to Brisbane was probably the strongest winds, 30-35 kts on the beam, 20′+ seas. Had two reefs in the main, and partially furled Yankee. Maybe a bit over canvassed, but without a 3rd reef, we didn’t want to drop the main completely, and it wouldn’t have been fun in those conditions. The boat handled it fine; we just got a bit wet when the occasional rogue wave decided to crash over the boat.

Paul Horst

Pontiac Sailing Education Foundation, Esther Callahan

Dear Al,

Thank you for your Opti Sail donation to the Pontiac Sailing Education Foundation. Your support will help us to continue our purpose to foster educational programs for the training in the service of seamanship, navigation and related skills and other activities related to the purpose of sailing.

Esther Callahan
Auction Chairman
Pontiac Sailing Education Foundation

Ted Johnson

Thanks Al.

Your team has built some great product for us over the years and we appreciate it. It is a great feeling that you know you have a real shot to win every time you leave the dock. Looking forward to the Mac.


Ted Johnson

Tom Lewin, Beneteau 36.7


We used our new Doyle Fibrelay Genoa for the first time at the Levels/ Beneteau 36.7 Great Lakes Championship. What a sweet sail and what a range it has. We won race #3 in 13-18 knots of breeze on Saturday and came back to win race #4 on Sunday in 1 -5 knots of wind. Out of the 17 boats in our fleet we finished first with an 8-2-1-1 !!!!! My first Levels win ever. Thanks for a great and fast sail.

Tom Lewin

Tom Turner, Hunter 29.5

Dear Chuck and Al,

Thanks for ordering and sending me the hardware for the whisker/spinnaker pole for my old 29.5 Hunter. The pole and 2 ring mast system works great – and it’s already made a big difference for me downwind.

Make the new sails I purchased from Doyle (last season) work great.

With appreciation,
Tom Turner

W Steve Lytle, Tanzer 22

Hello Karl,

I picked up the new sail yesterday morning. I am sorry that you were not there because I would have liked to thank you personally. The sail is everything that I expected and more. It is probably a little premature because I have not yet rigged it to the boat but if the craftsmanship is any indication the sail is perfect. I was watching a piece on the replica of the Godspeed on the History Channel this morning and watching the sail maker work with 17th Century methods made me think to write this Email. Your workmen and women did a fine job and I hope that you will take a minute and let each an every one of them know what a fine example of craftsmanship they produced. I am especially impressed by the reefing attachment at the luff. The arrangement of the clew is also something that looks very well engineered and constructed. Thank you again I am sure that the sail will be everything that we both expect. I am glad that there is talent left on the lakes that is apparent in the sail that you and Doyle have produced.

W Steve Lytle, PE

Brad Tunis, Hunter 24

Hi Al, 

I told you I’d let you know how the new sail was performing… is incredible. I know it is only a 24 ft Hunter but the sail has significantly increased the performance and handling of the boat. More forward drive. Yesterday we were consistently sailing between 5.5 and 6 knots in 15 knots of breeze. My hope is to move to a higher performing and bigger boat next year, but if that doesn’t work out I will have you cut me a new main in the fall. I’ll be in touch and thank you!

Brad Tunis