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2011 Bayview-Mackinac Race

Congratulations to our customers for a terrific 2011 Bayview Mackinac Race! There were 20 classes and 60 flags awarded at this year’s race. For the 18th year in a row, our customers captured more than 50% of the available flags. In 2011, 58% of flag award winners were Doyle Customers! Thank you to all of our customers for pounding the competition.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Top three boats in a very competitive Beneteau 36.7 Class
  • Top three boats in the J/120 Class
  • Top GL 70
  • Second through sixteenth overall in the Cruising division. It is becoming very apparent that it is almost impossible to win this race without a Doyle Asymmetrical Runner.


Beneteau 36.7 1st Weather Edge III Colt Weatherston
  2nd LaBuena Vida Bill Gilbride, Jr.
  3rd Carrera Rod Spearin
GL 70 1st Details Lance Smotherman
IRC B 2nd Vortices Chris Saxton
  3rd PeaceMaker Ken Flaska
IRC C 2nd Night Hawk Steven Dabrowski
  3rd Unplugged Tim Clayson
Level 35 2nd Night Train Chris Herriges*


Multihull 3rd Ollie Tim Walli
C&C 35 1st Contender Gary Graham
J/120 1st Hot Ticket Bob Kirkman
  2nd Flyin’ Irish Bill Bresser
  3rd Carinthia Frank Kern
PHRF A 1st Courtesan Dane Christy & Dave Lockhart
  3rd Fine Line Jay Fillepie & Allen Gillespie
PHRF B 1st Mystic 3 Fred Wilhelm
  2nd Epic Ray Adams
PHRF C 1st Pterodactyl Mark Symonds*
  2nd Good Lookin’ Dean Walsh
PHRF D 1st Genesis Paul Lee
  2nd Spectre Bob Schappe
  3rd Bernoulli Mike Elliott
PHRF E 1st Eliminator Paul VanTol
  2nd Tar Baby Don Lang
PHRF F 3rd Marksman Brian Lang
Cruising A 2nd Comfortably Numb Mark Miller
  3rd Roxy Don Condit
Cruising B 1st Pogo Fred Bellamy
  2nd Limerick Darrell Cope & Kevin Pearce
  3rd Miriah Michael Maha
Cruising C 1st Mystic Dennis Dettmer
  2nd Yare John Tipp
  3rd Kismet Art Poppert
Doublehanded (PHRF) 3rd Patriot Lyndon Lattie
*Partial inventory      

Overall in Division I-Cove Island IRC, Doyle customers were 4th, 5th and 6th.

Overall in the Division III Shore Course PHRF Racing, Doyle customers were 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Overall in the Division IV Shore Course PHRF Cruising, Doyle customers were 2nd-16th.

Thank you to our Doyle Detroit customers!

2011 Chicago-Mackinac

Doyle Sailmakers would like to commend the crew of Sociable and the other 10 boats who abandoned the 2011 Chicago-Mackinac Race to assist WingNuts. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Mark Morley and Suzanne Bickel, who lost their lives when WingNuts capsized during the race from Chicago to Mackinac.

Beneteau 36.7 2nd Weather Edge III Colt Weatherston
  4th Grizzly Chuck Bayer, Jr.
J/105 1st Pterodactyl Mark Symonds*
Section 7 1st Fast Tango Tim Prophit, Peter Wenzler
Sportboat 2nd Power Trip Paul and James Kraft
Turbo Class 2nd Details Lance Smotherman
*Partial inventory      

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