2012 Bayview Yacht Club-Bell’s Beer Mackinac Race

Congratulations to our DOYLE customers for another strong Bayview Mackinac race! For the 19th consecutive year, our customers picked up more than 50% of the flags!

Doyle customers won 4 of the 5 Division Overall Titles!

Read the story: 1925 Mackinac Winner, Bernida, Wins Again

Division II Bernida Al Declercq
Division III Yare John Tipp
Division IV Patriot Lyndon Lattie, Jr.
Division V Ollie Tim Walli/Dave Sturm

1st Courtesan   Dane Christy/Dave Lockhart
2nd Margaret Rintoul IV  Andrew Kiteley
1st Ollie Tim Walli/Dave Sturm
Beneteau 36.7
1st Weather Edge III  Colt Weatherstone
3rd Carrera Rod Spearin
C&C 35
1st Contender*    Gary Graham
3rd Traitor David Keys
J 120
2nd Irresistible too Gerald and Joanne Hines
3rd Carinthia Frank Kern
Level 126
2nd Shape            Winn Cooper III/Chris Benedict
3rd Jeanne Ann Larry Peterson
NA 40    
1st Fast Tango Tim Prophit
2nd Leading Edge Mark and Sue Bevins
3rd Velero VII J. Sammy Barbour
PHRF D    
2nd Say Uncle Kevin Lemonds       
PHRF E    
1st Sagitta Jon Somes/Larry Oswald
2nd Epic Ray and Winnie Adams
3rd Blitz Larry Soutar
PHRF F    
1st Genesis Paul Lee
2nd Liberty Robert Bert
3rd Pendragon Greg Thomas/John Trost
PHRF G    
1st Eliminator Paul VanTol
3rd Sea Fever Dean Balcirak/Tom Burleson
PHRF H    
1st Bernida Al Declercq
Cruising A    
1st Wind Toy IV Rob Bunn
Cruising B    
1st Limerick Darrell Cope/Kevin Pearce
3rd Momentum Rick & Renee Romer
Cruising C    
1st Yare John Tipp
3rd Slainte Joseph Kar
Double Handed    
1st Patriot Lyndgon Lattie, Jr.
*Partial Inventory

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