2011 Beneteau 36.7 Nationals

Congratulations to Doyle boats in the Beneteau 36.7 North Americans.
The Championship included eleven races over four days of racing in Toronto, with twenty-nine teams competing.

For final results and regatta information, click here.


3rd Grizzly Chuck Bayer
4th Stingray Steve Pelke
5th Myouri Paul Johnson
7th Critical Claudio Martin
8th As You Wish John Heaton
9th Family First Erik Yeo

Doyle Cleveland Update

Congratulations to Doyle Cleveland customers!

2011 Grand River Regatta

Spinnaker A
4th Adrenalin Kurt Kachler
5th Wish Colin Mills
Spinnaker B
3rd UNO mas Jon Duer
6th Alibi Ryan Hoffman
1st Vagabond Garu Kipp
2nd Rocket Ship Scott Filson
7th Excalibur Butch Miller

2011 Falcon Cup and Sundance Trophy Race

Cruising Canvas
1st Voyager Hunter Chisholm
Double Hand
1st Finnair John Ollila
5th Knot Guilty Rick Drucker
PHRF D    
6th UNO mas Jon Duer

2011 I-LYA Bayweek Regatta

PHRF A    
3rd Hot Ticket Bob Kirkman
PHRF B    
1st Wizard Jeff Mackay
2nd Pink Panther Al Michaud
PHRF C    
1st Racer X Matt Dubois
2nd Gus Jim Bourgault
4th UNO mas Nate Duer
PHRF E    
1st Infra Red Bryan Huntley
4th Wildcat Russ Atkinson
2nd Unbridled Robert Mock
PHRF Level 72
1st Magic William Hertel
6th Adrenalin Kurt Kachler
Casual Cruising
2nd Lavida Tom Quick

2011 Bayview-Mackinac Race

Congratulations to our customers for a terrific 2011 Bayview Mackinac Race! There were 20 classes and 60 flags awarded at this year’s race. For the 18th year in a row, our customers captured more than 50% of the available flags. In 2011, 58% of flag award winners were Doyle Customers! Thank you to all of our customers for pounding the competition.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Top three boats in a very competitive Beneteau 36.7 Class
  • Top three boats in the J/120 Class
  • Top GL 70
  • Second through sixteenth overall in the Cruising division. It is becoming very apparent that it is almost impossible to win this race without a Doyle Asymmetrical Runner.


Beneteau 36.7 1st Weather Edge III Colt Weatherston
  2nd LaBuena Vida Bill Gilbride, Jr.
  3rd Carrera Rod Spearin
GL 70 1st Details Lance Smotherman
IRC B 2nd Vortices Chris Saxton
  3rd PeaceMaker Ken Flaska
IRC C 2nd Night Hawk Steven Dabrowski
  3rd Unplugged Tim Clayson
Level 35 2nd Night Train Chris Herriges*


Multihull 3rd Ollie Tim Walli
C&C 35 1st Contender Gary Graham
J/120 1st Hot Ticket Bob Kirkman
  2nd Flyin’ Irish Bill Bresser
  3rd Carinthia Frank Kern
PHRF A 1st Courtesan Dane Christy & Dave Lockhart
  3rd Fine Line Jay Fillepie & Allen Gillespie
PHRF B 1st Mystic 3 Fred Wilhelm
  2nd Epic Ray Adams
PHRF C 1st Pterodactyl Mark Symonds*
  2nd Good Lookin’ Dean Walsh
PHRF D 1st Genesis Paul Lee
  2nd Spectre Bob Schappe
  3rd Bernoulli Mike Elliott
PHRF E 1st Eliminator Paul VanTol
  2nd Tar Baby Don Lang
PHRF F 3rd Marksman Brian Lang
Cruising A 2nd Comfortably Numb Mark Miller
  3rd Roxy Don Condit
Cruising B 1st Pogo Fred Bellamy
  2nd Limerick Darrell Cope & Kevin Pearce
  3rd Miriah Michael Maha
Cruising C 1st Mystic Dennis Dettmer
  2nd Yare John Tipp
  3rd Kismet Art Poppert
Doublehanded (PHRF) 3rd Patriot Lyndon Lattie
*Partial inventory      

Overall in Division I-Cove Island IRC, Doyle customers were 4th, 5th and 6th.

Overall in the Division III Shore Course PHRF Racing, Doyle customers were 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Overall in the Division IV Shore Course PHRF Cruising, Doyle customers were 2nd-16th.

Thank you to our Doyle Detroit customers!

2011 Chicago-Mackinac

Doyle Sailmakers would like to commend the crew of Sociable and the other 10 boats who abandoned the 2011 Chicago-Mackinac Race to assist WingNuts. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Mark Morley and Suzanne Bickel, who lost their lives when WingNuts capsized during the race from Chicago to Mackinac.

Beneteau 36.7 2nd Weather Edge III Colt Weatherston
  4th Grizzly Chuck Bayer, Jr.
J/105 1st Pterodactyl Mark Symonds*
Section 7 1st Fast Tango Tim Prophit, Peter Wenzler
Sportboat 2nd Power Trip Paul and James Kraft
Turbo Class 2nd Details Lance Smotherman
*Partial inventory      

Full Results

2011 Detroit NOOD Regatta Results

The Sperry Top-Side Detroit NOOD Regata hosted by Bayview Yacht Club was held June 03-05, 2011.

Beneteau 36.7 1st Grizzly Charles Bayer
  2nd Patriot Ken Sharpe
C&C 35 2nd Contender Gary Graham*
  3rd Traitor David Keys
Cal 25 2nd Pirogue John Shumaker*
Catalina 27 1st Windward Jim Cooley
Express 27 1st Das Boot Harald Kolter
  3rd Piper   Scott Sorbie
J 105 1st Pterodactyl    Mark Symonds
  2nd Good Lookin’ Dean Walsh
J 120 1st Hot Ticket      Robert Kirkman
  2nd Night Moves Henry Mistle
Level (114-132) 2nd Blitz Al Buliga
  3rd Baron Terry Stuck*
IRC A 1st Seagoing Ryan Seago
*Partial inventory      

Full Results

2010 DYRA Season Awards

2010 Detroit Regional Yacht Racing Association Season Awards

A Course Overall Epic Ray & Winnie Adams
B Course Overall Hot Ticket     Bob Kirkman
C Course Overall Das Boot Harald Kolter
IRC Course Overall Blitz    Larry Soutar
IRC A 3rd Vanguard Mike Goran
IRC B 1st Blitz Larry Soutar
  2nd Pendragon    Greg Thomas/John Trost
  3rd Baron Terry Stuck
Cruising PHRF 1st Brandilee Steve Nadeau
  2nd Spectre Robert Schappe
  3rd Ariel Mark Aitken
PHRF 1 1st Epic Ray Adams
  2nd Marksman Brian Lang
  3rd Avatar Gordon Morlan
C&C 35 3rd Shamrock Gillis/Partlan/Stroh
J 120 1st Hot Ticket      Bob Kirkman
  2nd Carinthia Frank Kern
NA 40 1st Velero VII John Barbour
  2nd On the Edge  Mark Bevins
  3rd Seagoing John Seago
PHRF 2 2nd Zubenelgenubi Eric Keydel
  3rd Jade   Jason and Nick Geisz
Express 27   1st Das Boot Harald Kolter
Cal 25            1st Clytie Dale Marshall

Liberté Wins Boat of the Year

Al Declercq and Jim Kitchen,

I wanted to thank you both for the really great Doyle sails I have onboard Liberté. We have race extensively in south sound this past year, placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in almost all of the races and series, and actually winning the majority. We won our yacht club’s boat of the year award also, which I haven’t done since 1978. The more we race, the more we appreciate what great Doyle sails we have. Fast! It took us awhile to figure out how to trim them properly but we seem to have the secret now.

Liberte Wins Boat of the Year

Jim, special thanks for a great job fixing both genoas this summer and also thanks for the addition of a mast tie on the stackpack bra. Keep up the good work and we will see you next month when you come down to speak at our yacht club dinner.

Have fun!

Pat Waters

2010 Put In Bay Race Week Victory List

Congratulations to our customers on a terrific 2010 Put In Bay Race Week

Overall Winners 2nd Infra Red Bryan Huntley
  3rd Racer X Matt Dubois
PHRF A 3rd Viper Roger Pollack
PHRF B 1st Racer X Matt Dubois
  2nd Pink Panther Al Michaud
PHRF C 2nd Sweet Carmela Richard Frazier
  3rd GUS Jim Bourgault
1st Wildcat Russ Atkinson
1st Infra Red Bryan Huntley

3rd Lickety Split Matt Jablonski
Beneteau 36.7 1st Taz Peter Lund
J/29 3rd Synergy Doug Hardman

2010 Detroit NOOD Victory List

Beneteau 36.7 1st Grizzly Charles Bayer
Cal 25 1st Obscured by Clouds* Stuart Thompson
  2nd Pirogue* John Shumaker
Catalina 27 1st Intense Relaxation Robert Duker
  2nd Windward James Cooley
Express 27
2nd Das Boot Harold Kolter
2nd J Hawker David Sandlin
1st Night Train* Chris Herriges
Level 126
2nd Avatar Gordon Morlan
  3rd Lionhart II Len Strahl
NA40 1st Velero VII John Barbour
  2nd On The Edge Mark Bevins
  3rd Fast Tango Malcolm Prophit
*Indicates partial Doyle usage

2010 Chicago Mackinac Victory List

Congratulations to our customers on a terrific 2010 Chicago Mackinac Race.

Overall Chicago-Mackinac Trophy 3rd HighLander Jim and Jerrie Sorbie
  4th Velero VII John S. Barbour
Overall Cruising Division 2nd DogDayz Dan VandenBossche
Cruising 1 2nd DogDayz Dan VandenBossche
J/120 / Mackinac Cup Division 1st Carinthia Frank Kern III

2nd Flyin’ Irish William Bresser

3rd J Hawker David Sandlin
Section 1 / Mackinac Cup Division
1st Talisman Bruce Aikens

2nd Fine Line Jay and Allen Gillespie
Section 2 / Mackinac Cup Division 2nd Peacemaker Kenneth Flaska / Oakcliff Sailing
Section 4 / Mackinac Cup Division 3rd Epic Ray and Winnie Adams
Section 7 / Chicago-Mackinac Trophy Division 3rd Velero VII John S. Barbour
Section 8 / Chicago-Mackinac Trophy Division 1st HighLander Jim and Jerrie Sorbie
Sportboat / Mackinac Cup Division 2nd Say Uncle Kevin Lemonds