Doyle Catamaran and Trimaran Sails

Doyle Catamaran, Multihull and Trimaran Sails

Doyle Multihull sails set the standard for long-term durability and performance, making Doyle Sailmakers the choice for the largest cruising catamaran charter companies and some of the most cutting edge race programs in the world.

Intense loads on these unique sails require significant attention to sailcloth selection, construction technique, hardware attachment, mainsail handling, and sail design.

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Sailcloth Selection

Most multihulls continue to use Dacron sails due to their long-term durability and relative affordability. A diverse range of high and low aspect fabrics allow sails to meet specific performance, durability and price goals.

Construction Methods

Catamarans and trimarans can generate working loads twice that of a similar length monohull. Multihull sailcloth, attachment hardware, patches, reefs, batten receptacles, and chafe resistants must all meet the highest standards for use in the most demanding wind and ultraviolet conditions.

Mainsail Handling

Doyle Multihull Cradle CoverThe Doyle StackPack and Doyle Cradle Cover have dramatically simplified raising and lowering large, fully-battened multihull sails. Combining an automatic cover system with integrated lazy jacks and unique user-friendly details, the Doyle StackPack and Doyle Cradle Cover have become the standard for multihull mainsail handling.

Raise Square Top Mains with Ease with the Doyle Anomaly Headboard

Doyle's innovative Anomaly Headboard offers a purpose-built, heavy-duty solution for square top mainsails on cruising boats. While various solutions have been tried to allow the head of the sail to float back from the mast when stowing, the Anomaly system is the first that secures the head while sailing with a positive metal-on-metal connection, offering exceptional reliability while allowing the sail to be stowed easily. Boats without backstays can take advantage of the ruggedness of a traditional headboard system with the convenience of an auto-disconnect at the top. Call your local Doyle loft for more information!

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Offwind Sail Design

Doyle Multihull Offwind Sail DesignDoyle's enhanced spinnaker designs provide a wide range of performance and convenience options for multihulls in need of greater downwind power.

The oversized Asymmetric Power Cruiser Maxi (APC-Maxi) is designed for flying on broad points of sail from the windward hull.

The easy-to-set Utility Power Sail Maxi (UPS-Maxi) is optimized for close and beam reaching.

Custom options are also available to meet your performance cruising needs.

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