Interview with Bruce Golison – 2009 Jaguar Cup Series

Interview by Lydia Wilkins

The 9th Annual Jaguar Cup Winter Regatta Series is at its midpoint with the Piana Cup and Sid Doren Memorial completed and the Florida State Championship and the Jaguar Mid-Winters Regatta coming up in February. With 60 boats competing in the series, Bruce Golison and crew aboard Midlife Crisis is currently leading the 2009 Series with 2nd and 3rd place finishes. I had the opportunity to interview Bruce Golison about his team’s consistent finishes in the first half of the series.

– With 60 boats stacked with World Champions, Olympic Medalists, and Americas Cup Veterans competing in the series, how would you compare the level of this Jag Series fleet to world level regattas?

Bruce Golison: the Jaguar Series is pretty amazing in terms of the competition level. It has been a long time since I have raced in other world level regattas, so comparing the Jaguar Series against them is hard, however I would be hard pressed to think that the competition here wouldn’t stack up pretty favorably to other world level regattas.

– You sailed the first 2 of 4 regattas very consistently, placing 2nd and 3rd. What was your team’s approach to the regattas?

Bruce Golison: Keeping things simple and always trying to leave ourselves “an out” lane. We are confident in our speed, so for us, having clear lanes to sail the angles we like is important.

– How do you feel about where you stand at the midpoint in the series?

Bruce Golison: It’s nice to have two good scores now and to know that we are sailing well as a team, however there is a long way to go. We will be missing the next regatta, so we are focusing on doing well at the Midwinter’s. After that, we’ll let the chips fall where they will for the Jaguar Series.

– Will Steve Erickson, Bill Lynn, and Peter Lynn remain as your crew for the remainder of the series?

Bruce Golison: Steve Erickson will again be sailing with me and I think my boat partner, Steve Flam will be back to sail with us at the Midwinter’s. Given that, I can’t say enough about how great it was to sail with Bill Lynn and his eleven year old son Peter, who is an up and coming Opti sailor. The four of us sailed together for the first time at the first Jaguar regatta and immediately came together as a real solid team.

– What upwind sails did you use and why did you choose Doyle?

Bruce Golison: We used our Doyle AP main in the first Jaguar regatta which was breezy and our Doyle DC+ main in the second regatta. For jibs, we primarily used our Doyle NLM and DCM jibs. We use the Doyle upwind sails as they are easy to be fast with most all the time. They are very forgiving in terms of sail trim, which means that we can sail fast most of the time without having to stress over our rig and trim setups. As I only have a limited number of regattas I do a year, this ability helps us to be able to sail competitively in this fleet.

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