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The Future of High Performance Sailing

The Future of High Performance Sailing

Thursday, March 1, 2012
Boston Yacht Club
Marblehead, MA
7:00 PM

SpeedDream’s Vlad Murnikov and Brian Hancock are speaking at the Boston Yacht Club, Marblehead, MA – Thursday March 1, 2012 at 7:00 PM. All are welcome. There is no cost to attend. View invitation or continue to read below to learn more.

Doyle is proud to be the sailmaker for SpeedDream

Join the team behind SpeedDream, the quest to build the world’s fastest sailboat, for an informal, in-depth discussion about the future of sailing. Vlad Murnikov, lead designer of the innovative SpeedDream100, and Brian Hancock, multiple circumnavigator, are the force behind this new Massachusetts-based project to build a monohull that can sail faster than the fastest multihull.

Murnikov was the project leader and designer of Fazisi, the Soviet Unions first, and by happenstance last Whitbread entry. Hancock raced three Whitbread races and was co-founder of a new global around-the-world race, the Portimão Global Ocean Race. Together they are SpeedDream.

They will be joined by Cam Lewis, SpeedDream’s skipper and one of the fastest American sailors having been aboard Commodore Explorer when they became the first boat to circumnavigate in less than the mythical Jules Verne 80-day barrier.

What is the future of the Volvo Ocean Race? Can SpeedDream be the first boat to crack 1,000 nautical miles in 24 hours? What does this all mean for club
racing? How does it relate to high performance cruising?

Design features of SpeedDream are being applied to all aspects of sailing. Come and enjoy this lively presentation and see how it all relates to you and you own sailing enjoyment.

SpeedDream is on a mission to build the worlds fastest sailboat. We believe that SpeedDream will be the first sailboat to sail over 1,000 nautical miles in a single day. Computer models suggest that the boat will be capable of reaching and sustaining speeds approaching 50 knots.

Here are some of the innovations behind SpeedDream.


The telescoping keel on SpeedDream cants over 82 degrees meaning that when the boat heels more than 10 degrees it flies clear out of the water. Maximum righting moment; no drag.


The foil to leeward will increase righting moment by 25% and will offset up to 50% of boat’s displacement when sailing over 30 knots.


The sculpted wave piercing hull is designed to slice through waves and shed water as quickly as possible to minimize the effect of it’s weight on the deck.


A creative canting mast that tilts to windward for a better angle of attack for the sails. With the mast vertical it reduces heel and adds power.

Hope to see you at the Boston Yacht Club, Thursday March 1, 2012 at 7:00 PM for the The Future of High Performance Sailing presentation.

Doyle 1-2 at 2012 Etchells Australian Championship

2012 Etchells Australian Championship

Congratulations to Australian team of David Clark, Andrew Smith and Alan Smith for winning the Zhik 2012 International Etchells Class Australian Championship. In second place was Jud Smith, Mark Johnson and Nik Burfoot. While the 61-boat fleet was stacked with talent, the top 2 teams were powered by Doyle Etchells sails.

As well as supplying sails to winning boats, Doyle personnel have a strong pedigree within the Etchells fleet. Doyle sailmakers and designers are well represented on the Etchells World Championship winners’ roster.

Jud Smith, head of Doyle Sailmakers One Design department, was the 2006 Etchells World Champion and has won the Etchells US Championships six times.

Doyle South East Queensland’s Bucky Smith won the Etchells World Championship in 2009, and Doyle Lake Macquarie’s Peter McNeill won the World Championship in 2004.

Doyle lofts from around the world are fortunate to have access to the sail designs from these winning teams. Open communication between lofts internationally ensures that up-to-date feedback on the latest designs and technology is available to all lofts in the Doyle group. Bucky Smith and Peter McNeill are particularly active in the development of Etchells sails for Australian conditions.

With the 2012 Etchells Worlds being sailed out of Sydney’s Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron February 20-25, 2012, Doyle’s Rushcutters Bay loft is ideally placed to service any sails that need attention.

Bucky Smith, Peter McNeill and Jud Smith will all be competing in the 2012 Etchells Worlds.

Call Doyle Australia on 02 9361 4836 or email to service(at) to arrange free pick up and redelivery.

To learn more about Doyle Etchells sails, click here.


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Doyle Dominates San Juan 21 Class at 2012 St Pete NOOD

Doyle Sailmakers scores big again at the St. Petersburg NOOD Regatta held February 17-19, 2012. In the San Juan 21 Class, 14 boats ( the second largest class!) raced over a wide range of conditions – from 6 knots and rainy all the way to 20+ knots and lumpy.

Sails supplied by Doyle Inner Banks took the first 3 places overall as well as a first and second in the Working Sails Division – Our Class race within a race.

The San Juan 21 Class used this regatta as a Mid-Winters and the East Coast responded – half the fleet was from outside Florida. Congrats to Fisk/Steve Hayden for their Class win and Margaret Alexander/LuAnn Parins as the Working Sails winner. The versatility and durability of Doyle Sails shines through – no new sails were used for this regatta!

To learn more about Doyle San Juan 21 Class sails, click here.

Complete 2012 St Petersburg NOOD Results

Come See Us at the 2012 New England Boat Show!

2012 New England Boat Show

Come visit Doyle Sailmakers at the New England Boat Show February 11-19, 2012. Be sure to stop by the Doyle Sailmakers Booth, #430.

Doyle StackPackEver used a StackPack?

Come to the Doyle booth and see for yourself why the Doyle StackPack is the simplest, easiest way to handle your mainsail.

Lower the sail and see how the StackPack’s integral sail cover allows the main to put itself away, enabling quick and easy covering of the sail without the need for sail ties.

Hope to see you at the show!

2012 New England Boat Show

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
415 Summer St.
Boston, MA 02210

February 11 – 19, 2012
Saturday February 11: 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday February 12: 11 am to 6 pm
Monday February 13 – Friday February 17: Noon – 8 pm
Saturday February 18: 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday February 19: 11 am – 5:30 pm

Ticket Information
Adults (16 and older) $14
Children (Age 15 and under) free when accompanied by an Adult

Included with your ticket purchase is a one-year subscription to Yachting, Salt Water Sportsman, Cruising World, Ski, TW Surf or Flying (value $7).

800-225-1577 or

Harken: Interview with US Star Sailor Mark Mendelblatt

Mark Mendelblatt (Miami, Fla.) and Brian Fatih (Miami, Fla.) won a bronze medal in the Star Class at the 2011 Perth Worlds, earning them the USA berth at the 2012 Olympics in Weymouth. Read the interview after their selection to the Olympic Team:
Harken: Interview Mark Mendelblatt, Star
Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih Win Bronze in the Star Class at the Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championship