UPDATED: Etchells Inboard Jib Lead

Etchells Inboard Jib Lead on Etchells 1185 by Chuck Poindexter, Sound Rigging

Etchells Inboard Jib Lead on Etchells 1185 by Chuck Poindexter, Sound Rigging

The new Etchells shared outboard/inboard jib lead configuration is designed to replace in-hauling with the windward sheet and provide a repeatable setting from tack to tack.

The jib leech is high enough to allow for clew blocks to be shackled on with a twist shackle or running jib sheets directly though clew ring. Lashing blocks could also be used instead through the clew ring to allow block load properly.

The shared inboard/outboard track was the brain child of tactician Luke Lawrence, sailing with Gary Gilbert on Annie. Jud Smith and Tomas Hornos of Doyle Sailmakers collaborated on installing at an angle for range of adjustment. Chuck Poindexter of Sound Rigging was the first to install and test the idea on his Etchells. Frank Atkinson of Rigging Systems came up with the low profile track seen in the photos installed on Etchells USA 102.

Etchells USA 102 Inboard Jib Lead Configuration by Rigging Systems

To install the track kit on your Etchells, contact either Frank Atkinson of Rigging Systems/ in Miami, FL or Chuck Poindexter of Sound Rigging/ in Essex, CT.

Existing jibs can be modified to work with this new configuration, by shortening the leech length. The cost to shorten the jib leech, install new clew ring and re-fair foot round for use with the new jib lead is $75. To have your jib modified, contact Jud Smith.

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