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2012 New Zealand Farr 1020 Nationals

Congratulations to Doyle customers Joe Brownley on Shokran and Ed Crook on Strathspey for their wins in the Farr 1020 Nationals held April 21-22, 2012.

Shokran was the overall winner this year and showed impressive speed and consistency in the often frustrating conditions to record their win. And congratulations to Strathspey who took the handicap title.

Both boats sported Doyle inventories, including Doyle Stratis Genoas. Shokran has the GPx, Carbon/Technora, Race Genoa with a clear Film/Film laminate. While Strathspey has the GPc, All Kevlar Genoa, with a single layer of Taffeta for improved durability.

Congratulations again to both Joe & Ed for their impressive results!

The Farr 1020 is a one design 10.2 meter racing/cruising keelboat that originated from the drawing board of Bruce Farr in 1983. The Farr 1020 is a recognized National Keelboat class in New Zealand. While most of the over 150 Farr 1020’s built are located in New Zealand, a number can also be found in Australia, the Pacific Islands and the United States.

New Zealand Farr 1020 Nationals

New Zealand Farr 1020 Nationals

Doyle Sailmakers congratulates the winners of this weekend’s New Zealand Farr 1020 Nationals: Phil Yuill’s Max Headroom for line victory in the series and Michael Lanigan’s Share Delight for overall handicap victory.

Congratulations also to Shokran helmed by Joe Brownlee for finishing a close second in both categories in the five race series.

Share Delight and Shokran had full inventories of Doyle Stratis sails and Doyle Superkote spinnakers, while Max Headroom was powered by Doyle Stratis Gpx Carbon headsails and Doyle spinnakers. Shokran carried the latest 2011 Doyle Stratis mainsail and Stratis Gpx 1 genoa, which features the new compression carbon membrane structure first debuted on Anema & Core at Key West earlier this year.

Following on from first and second overall in last year’s Young 88 Class nationals, these Farr 1020 results show that Doyle Stratis sails continue to dominate one design racing and offshore racing because of the product’s high performance and durability characteristics.

Doyle Stratis’ offshore performance and reliability in extreme conditions is highlighted by Secret Mens Business 3.5’s Overall win of the 2010 Sydney Hobart Tattersalls Cup. The Sydney Hobart race is one of the most testing offshore races in the world, with the 2010 race being no exception. Secret Mens Business complete inventory of Doyle sails not only were durable enough to endure the tough conditions but were fast enought to power Secret Mens Business to victory.

Doyle Sailmakers’ Stratis manufacturing plant is based in Auckland with a 6,500 square meter production facility dedicated to the manufacture of all the Stratis Doyle membranes sold worldwide.

The success of the Stratis product right across the sailing spectrum highlights the importance of continual investment in research and development to stay ahead of the field.

2011 New Zealand Farr 1020 National Championship Results