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Team Edding Wins 2012 Soling European Championship

The Soling European Championship 2012 were held in Kalovig Sailing Center, Aarhus, Denmark June 9-15, 2012.

Congratulations to Team Edding’s Gustavo Warburg, Rodrigo Ferres and Miguel Lacour for winning the 2012 Soling European Championship. The 33 boat fleet competed in 9 races. Team Edding’s consistent finishes in the top eight combined with their victory in the fourth race allowed them to win the championship by a 23-point margin.

Team Edding was powered by a new inventory of Doyle Soling sails. For more information on Doyle Soling sails, click here.


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Soling European Championship – Team Edding dominates
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Bill Abbott Wins 2nd Soling World Championship

The 2009 Soling World Championship was hosted by the Etobicoke Yacht Club in Toronto Ontario Canada September 13-20, 2009. Bullets in the final 2 races of the 9 race regatta, clinched the 2009 World Soling Championship for Bill Abbott, his wife, Joanne, and Paul Davis. Bill had not sailed the boat for three years, since he was sailed in the World Championships, and some of the Doyle sails* that powered Bill to victory were from the 2000 Olympics! This is Bill’s 2nd Soling World Championship, he won his 1st World Championship in 2002. Congratulations

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For more information on Doyle Soling sails, click here.

Doyle Sails Dominate the 2008 Soling European Championship

The 2008 Soling European Championship was held on Lake Balaton in Hungary from April 20th to 27th. Seven races were completed and George Wossala and crew Karoly Vezer and Nemeth Peter one the event using Doyle sails. 2nd place was captured by Roman Koch and crew and 3rd place by Johan Offermans and crew, both used Doyle sails. Doyle would also like to congratulate Thomas Maschkiwitz and crew who finished fifth overall.