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Mainsail Selection

Doyle Etchells AP and AP-2 Mains feature all Epoxy RBS battens standard.

When ordering your main, it is essential that you provide specific mast deflection information for your mast, so we can cut the luff curve to fit your rig.

AP-2 6 oz Main

The AP-2 main is designed for the newer stiffer mast. This main features less designed twist than the AP main (flies more open) and as a result can be sheeted harder for better pointing. It is easy to depower with mast bend and powers up when the backstay is eased. 

AP Main

The popular AP main, originally a 2006 world champion model, still fits an older softer mast better than the AP-2 since it has more luff curve high and more designed twist (tolerates more mast bend and bend high.)

Jib Selection

We now offer six jibs: the LM Radial, MH Radial, 270 MHL, 280 DCM, 280 NLM, and 6.8 DCH. All jibs have adjustable spectra leech and foot lines as well as all radial corner reinforcing.

We offer many jib options but what is important is pairing jib for the venue at which you will sail most often. Everyone knows the DCM, a well proven jib that is easy to use and is an excellent sail for Miami and flatter water venues with a wind range of 5-18 knots.  Our MHL (Marblehead Light) is our newest jib but made from a lighter cloth, and is fuller than the DCM, therefore it is more powerful all around with a range of 0-13 knots.  The 270 MHL can be matched with a 6.8 DCH.

The DCH is a flatter jib made from strong 6.8PK and has range from 12-30 knots.  Also, all of these jibs can be cut with a shorter leech to allow for in-hauling. The DCH tends to get a 25mm shorter or max leech since you don’t inhaul with the jib in breeze over 14 knots. 

Etchells jibs are now available with optional shorter leech lengths for inboard sheeting over the edge of the cuddy. All of our jibs are available in the standard max (long) leech, 25mm or 50mm shorter.

LMRadial Jib

LMRadial Jib

The LMRadial Jib w/dual tabs is a light medium jib designed for 4 to 17 knots and constructed from the durable Dimension pro radial 284 HTP.   This jib is designed to cover the Range of both the MHL and DCM jibs.   On long tabs, the jib has the depth of a MHL and on short tabs the depth of a DCM.  The radial construction offers lower stretch for shape holding at the top end of the range.  When many teams are scrambling to swap jibs when the wind gets over 13 knots the LMR has several more knots of competitive range on short tabs.  

MHRadial Jib

MHRadial Jib

The MHRial jib w/dual tabs is a medium heavy  jib designed for 11 to 30 knots and constructed from the same durable Dimension 284 HTP.   This jib is designed to cover the range of DCM and DCH jibs.  On long tabs it has the depth of a DCM and on short tabs it is flatter than a DCH jib.  It is designed to pair with the LMRadial with a big overlap with lower stretch for shape holding at the top of the range.


270 MHL Jib

The new Marblehead Light Jib has more designed twist and camber for power in light air (0-13 knots) and waves without sacrificing point. Sinces its debut in mid 2013, the MHL Jib has won the 2014 Etchells Australian Nationals, Marblehead NOOD and Portland Lobster Regattas.

Etchells DCM Jib

280 DCM Jib

If you're looking for just one all-purpose jib, we recommend the proven 280 DCM Jib for wind speeds 6 to 18 knots. It is known for its great pointing ability in smoother sea states and best suited for standard outboard sheeting.

NLM-5 Jib

280 NLM-5 Jib

We now use the 280 NLM-5 to replace the DCM medium wind range of 6-18 knots. This sail performs best with the inhauler system or dual track inboard sheeting.

DCH-3 Jib

6.8 DCH-3 Jib

For medium/heavy air, we recommend the 6.8 DCH jib. The 6.8 DCH is made from durable 6.8 Polykote with effective range from 12-30 knots. It has excellent pointing capability in all sea states. It can be sheeted outboard over 15 knots and inboard sheeted from 12-15 knots.

To read about the dual track sheeting set-up, click here.

Spinnaker Selection

Doyle Etchells AP Runner Spinnaker

AP Radial Runner

We recommend the new AP Radial Runner for most conditions running in 7-20 knots.

VMG Radial

VMG Radial

The VMG Radial spinnaker is made from 32 gram Airx 500 and optimized for 4 to 14 knots.  The VMG is a minimum head girth spinnaker that is flatter in the head and more open in the foot for lightly loaded downwind sailing.   The lower girth, leech length and head to mid-foot are all near max dimensions.  The sail is designed for best VMG while sailing gybing angles downwind and lighter running conditions.

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