J/105 Tuning Guide

J105 Bow

The J/105 has become the success story of one-design racing. With over 700 boats built to date, the class is one of the largest cruiser-racer one-design fleets. Easily sailed with a small crew, the responsive design allows the J/105 to be fun to sail with only a main, jib and asymmetric spinnaker. Here we will explore the process required for success with your J/105 racing program. Success in one-design can be summated into one sentence: whoever makes the least mistakes wins.

Let us break this down into specific details and progressions towards advancement. The most important factor is boat speed. A racer's IQ elevates exponentially as your speed increases. Boat speed is created through enhancing many small features. Every time you comment 'that doesn't matter' write it down, because it does matter. Add up 10 insignificant items and you get something tangible. Add up 20 items and your sailing experience changes.

Be advised: there are many roads to victory and this tuning guide outlines certain proven techniques that are in no way meant to be the only way. We expect the prudent racer not to consider this the bible but to add these concepts and techniques to your existing bag of tricks.

Doyle Sailmakers is happy to have and will continue to support the growth of the J/105 Class. We have committed specialists though out North America to help you get the most out of your boat.

-The Doyle J/105 Team

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