Doyle J24 Sails

Following the success of our sails in the Etchells, Solings, J/70, J/105 and many other One Design classes, Doyle Sailmakers has redesigned the J/24 inventory to match new building construction techniques and class rules. We have developed an easy to follow tuning guide to help you tune the rig and trim the sails, allowing the crew to concentrate on tactics and speed. Enjoy going faster than ever with your J/24 Doyle sails!

J/24 Speed Clinics

If your fleet is interested in hosting one of our on the water J/24 speed and tuning clinics, please give us a call early to schedule a weekend before your next season.

2018 Sail Selection


The mainsail is designed with a shorter leech to move the max girth higher, projecting more area where there is more wind. Some of the luff curve has been removed thus moving the center of effort of the sail back. These two aspects of our design prove to be faster and produce sails that point higher than other sails.

Note: you will need to pre-bend the mast no more than 1 ΒΌ.

Headsail Selection

We now offer two headsails: a Genoa and a Working Jib.


Our J/24 Genoa is designed keeping in mind that this sail is used in drifting conditions up to 18 knots. The sail remains flat in medium to heavy winds and, by moving the Genoa lead forward and increasing headstay sag, we can power the sail by up making it rounder for light winds. This sail definitely fits in a wide range of sea and wind conditions.

Working Jib

When the wind is over 20 knots, there are always waves that make it difficult to drive the boat. It is necessary to power up to waves to keep the boat speed, without heeling excessively. The Doyle Working Jib is full in the foot for power and flat in the top of the sail for easy driving. In winds over 25 knots, move the lead back to flatten the sail and twist the leech off.


Our spinnaker is a runner. Our designers have increased the upper third of the sail with an elliptical configuration, wide shoulders and flat medium section to project more area. This sail will allow you to


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