Doyle Symmetric Racing Spinnakers

With all of the recent development of asymmetrical spinnakers lately it's easy to forget Doyle's conventional symmetrical spinnakers. Building on past development with geodesic fairing, recent development have been accelerated by enhanced CFD software and analysis tools, resulting in even faster spinnakers. Doyle Sailmakers offers 5 unique spinnaker molds: VMG, AP Runner, AP Reacher, Heavy Runner (designed for windward-leeward courses) & Heavy Reacher (designed for reaching legs).

Doyle Symmetrical Racing SpinnakersDoyle Symmetrical Racing Spinnakers

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Doyle S1 Spinnaker

Light Air VMG Reacher - S1

The S1 is designed for light conditions that preclude deeper angles.  Designed with narrower girths in the upper part of the sail to keep the sail stable, the sail is meant to fly closer to the rig.

  • 60 - 120 AWA
  • 0 - 7 AWS
Doyle S2 Spinnaker

All-Purpose Runner - S2

This sail is designed to be the work horse of any inventory and covers a large range. It has fuller girths and broader shoulders, allowing it to lift and fly away from the boat. The top 10% of the sail being flatter allows the spinnaker to set away from the rig before the body of the sail curves down. The result is a sail that flies out to windward, away from the disturbed air of the mainsail and rig, in clear air flow.

  • 115 - 170 AWA
  • 6 - 18 AWS
Doyle S3 Spinnaker

All-Purpose Reacher - S3

This takes the S2 design and flattens it out a bit to allow it to sail tighter angles. 

  • 55 - 105 AWA
  • 3 - 20 AWS
Doyle S4 Spinnaker

Heavy Runner S4

This sail is designed to get the boat downwind. It has the fullest girths a sail can fly with. The cross sectional shape of the sail is more elliptical, which increases the projected sail area while maintaining the spinnakers stability.

  • 115 - 170 AWA
  • 16 - 25 AWS
Doyle S5 Spinnaker

Heavy Reacher - S5

Designed for pole forward reaching conditions, this sail has a flatter shape that allows it to be carried as the breeze increases. 

  • 90 - 160 AWA
  • 10-22 AWS


Standard Features of Racing Symmetricals

  • Full Radial Construction
  • Radially oriented corner reinforcements for smooth flying shape
  • Adjustable Leech Lines
  • Stainless Steel Corner Rings
  • Color-coded edges
  • Box-Turtle Sailbag


Available Options:

  • Additional Color Layout & Custom Graphics
  • Sail Numbers
  • Take-Down Line
  • Measurement Certificate