Doyle Superyacht Racing

Doyle Sailmakers has been at the forefront of superyacht racing since its inception. Founder Robbie Doyle is intrinsically involved in the Superyacht racing scene and his knowledge is combined with the experience of others within the Doyle group to deliver the most knowledge in the industry in regards to the loads involved with the sails and the challenges involved in handling them.

Doyle Sailmakers is unique in its ability to control all aspects of sail optimization, design and construction in house. Its cutting edge CFD department is able to very quickly and accurately model all the loads and forces of the sails, ensuring that they are compatible with the individual boats and associated hardware. Having tackled a number of the most challenging projects in the Superyacht market, the engineering team at Doyle is able to produce winning sails with great frequency.

At this time, Doyle's proprietary sail membrane technology, Stratis, offers one of the most advanced solutions for Superyacht racing. With its accurate yarn placement and superior lamination, Stratis sails can be counted on to deliver durable, performance oriented racing sails. Doyle's commitment to attention to detail and engineering excellence ensures that that each sail is produced exactly as specified; each sail is produced in one of Doyle's fully owned production facilities so that the entire process can be completely controlled in-house for the very best product and timely delivery.

Extensive testing on the water of the final product, coupled with cutting edge CFD and FEA software and design tools, have allowed us to develop sail shapes and crossovers perfected for the individual custom superyacht. This, combined with our in house SailPack design program and an incredibly detailed production process, offers unrivaled performance for our customers.

P2 at Newport Bucket

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