Sail Graphics

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Doyle Sailmakers takes pride in making our customers' dreams become a reality. One way we do this is to transfer our customers sketches, ideas or sponsorship graphics onto sails. Doyle Sailmakers draws upon 30+ years of sailmaking experience, plus the latest in wide-printing technology, to produce highly customized graphics on sails. Through a variety of methods images of any kind can be placed on sails of all types.

Contact your local Doyle Loft to discuss graphic options or to receive a quote to turn your idea into reality.

Already know what graphic you want on your sail? Email the graphic to us and let us know what sail you want it on. We will get back to you with our recommendation and quote.

Send in a photo of a Doyle sail graphic and receive a free Doyle t-shirt!

Doyle uses various techniques to create the perfect look for each customer:

MITseaAH Inlay


Inlays are created by sewing the desired design onto the sail and then cutting away the backing of the sail to reveal an 'inlaid' image. One advantage of inlays is that they do not increase the weight of sail as appliqués do. However, for large or detailed graphics, inlays can be more expensive because of the higher labor required. This technique can only be applied to downwind sails.

Sony Ericsson Ink


Inked on graphics have the advantage of being very light weight. However, ink has the disadvantage of being more prone to bleeding and (in cases of heavy inking) flaking. But, if the exact color is critical, inked on graphics allow an exact color match and coverage over large areas. Certain designs require specialized sign-writers to execute, so price is very variable on this type of application.



Vinyl appliqués can be a good alternative for smaller, more detailed graphics. Although they add weight to the sail (and are thus inappropriate for larger designs) they can be machine cut, requiring less labor time. Colors available include: red, green, yellow, black and blue.

Color Your Spinnaker


Select the colors and pattern you want in your spinnaker. Actual panel layout will vary based on sail dimensions and design. Colors will vary based on cloth selection. Click here to color your spinnaker!

Turn your dream into a reality, contact your local Doyle sailmaker.