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Without Doyle's StackPack mainsail furling system, lowering the main often goes like this: the sail is flogging itself into early retirement, you've got a half-dozen sail ties clamped between your teeth, the channel makes a jog to port but the helmsperson doesn't, and your five-year-old finally gets to find out if the boathook floats.

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Doyle StackPack with its integral sailcover and lazy jack system neatly flakes the sail as it is lowered and reefedWith TidesTrack, the main will drop the instant the halyard is released. The StackPack's integral sail cover allows the main to put itself away. In seconds, you're ready to zip it up, relax in the cockpit, and enjoy the show put on by the crews who don't have a StackPack or TidesTrack.

Leading sailmaker Doyle Sailmakers and the innovative designers at TidesMarine have created a mainsail handling system that will make your sailing experience a breeze.

When used together, the Doyle StackPack and TidesMarine Track System offer one of the best mainsail handling systems on the market. On monohulls up to 50 feet in length, this combination allows one sailor to operate the boat AND hoist the main. You no longer have to sacrifice sail shape and quality for convenience.



Integrated cover with secured zipper tail. Enables quick and easy covering of the sail without the need for sail ties.
Subrella cover. Extends the life of the sail. Wide selection of colors. Customizable with logo or text.
StackPack neatly flakes the sail above the boom. Improved visibility.
Reef lines pass through the sail cover. Easy reefing with no need to tie sail to the boom.
StackPack cover attaches to the foot of the sail. The cover and sail can be removed as one for winter storage.
Brummel hooks are used to connect the lazy jacks. Lazy jacks never need to be retied. Simplifies installation and removal.
Existing mains can be used as a base sail for the StackPack. No need to replace your main to install a StackPack.
Easily raise, lower and cover your sail when single-handed. Take the hassle out of dousing your main and enjoy your boat more.



Machined to size from UHMW-PE. Low friction, unaffected by saltwater, water-resistant.
UV-Stable material. Long life in all climates.
East to install. No going aloft.
Low maintenance. No moving parts to lubricate or repair.
Seamless lengths to 65'. No joints - slides won't catch or jam.
Compatibility. Each piece of the track is custom built to fit internal flat or round luff grooves. Can be installed over existing external track or on composite / wood spars.
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  • Introduced in 1983, DOYLE StackPack is the original trouble free mainsail furling system for the cruising sailor
  • The simplest, easiest way to handle your mainsail
  • Proven to be the most innovative and cost-effective mainsail handling system ever
  • Maintains mainsail speed & shape - lies flat against the sail while sailing
  • Available as a retrofit for your existing sail - doesn't have to be new, doesn't have to be Doyle
  • World's largest StackPack is 37.5 feet long!
Doyle StackPack on an e33

No need for sail ties

StackPack is a fully battened mainsail with integral lazy jacks and a cover that opens automatically to accept the sail as it is lowered. The cover and lazy jack system neatly flakes and holds the sail as it is lowered or reefed. The folds at the foot of a reefed mainsail also lie neatly in the StackPack cover, eliminating the need to tie off the excess fabric with ties.

Extend the life of your main

With the sail completely stowed, the StackPack system presents a neat appearance and automatically protects the sail from harmful UV rays. While sailing, the integral cover lies flat against the foot of the sail for a clean aerodynamic effect.

Maintain speed and shape

Cruising sailors are often faced with the dilemma of whether to sacrifice sail shape and quality for convenience. The StackPack is a solution for sailors wanting convenience without sacrificing speed and shape.

All together, the StackPack is the most innovative, easy-to-use, best performing and best looking mainsail handling system available. 

The StackPack also delivers a beautifully finished product that will look great on any boat. While designed principally as a mainsail furling system, StackPack works equally well with mizzens, staysails and other club-footed headsails.

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