Doyle Stratis Custom-Laid
Fiber-Aligned Sails

Doyle Stratis Sails
Doyle Stratis Sails
Doyle Stratis Sails
Doyle Stratis Sails
Doyle Stratis Sails
Doyle Stratis Sails

STRATIS™ development began in 2001-2002 when Doyle Sailmakers realized that it was time for a new generation of sails. It was apparent that across the industry there was a need for lighter, longer lasting sails. From performance racing sails with higher durability, to superyacht sails that required the physical structure of high modulus fibers to take the huge loads that were generated, through to cruising yachts that simply wanted lighter sails that were easier to handle, it was time for something new.

Driven from the beginning by a desire to deliver lighter and more durable sails, development of STRATIS has continued at full speed, and is now the choice of many of the world's finest superyachts, highest-performance Grand Prix programs and committed cruisers alike. Combining unsurpassed design and engineering technology, the very best lamination and materials, and unrivaled quality control standards, Doyle Stratis sails have continued to deliver the very best in performance.

Today, the Stratis plant has grown to 7000sqm, housed at Doyle Sails New Zealand's production facility. The factory has two production beds, with multiple fiber laying machines and laminators on each production bed, allowing a full range of sails to be produced from the smallest dinghies to the largest superyachts.

Doyle Sailmakers is continually developing the design and manufacture of our laminated sail products, both in-house and in conjunction with Auckland University. Our research department continues to experiment with new fibers, adhesives and techniques with the aim of offering our customers the best product possible while our design department uses the latest computer technology and design tools to develop shapes and structures for faster sails.

Stratis Sails are exclusively available through the Doyle global network of lofts.

Key Stratis Facts

  • On average the cad fiber laying machines travel 150,000 meters per week
  • Average length of fiber laid per week is 1.3 million meters
  • Average of 1.2 ton of raw carbon fiber used per month
  • Average of 1.5 - 2 ton of Kevlar and Vectran fiber used per month
  • Approximately 85,000 sqm of Stratis membrane was produced in 2012
  • Approximately 22,000lt of polymer resins were used in 2012 for Stratis production