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The Doyle brand stands for global leadership in high performance sails as well as having a reputation for being innovators of new technology. Doyle Sails was founded by Robbie Doyle in 1982 and has built a proven track record in delivering design excellence and customer satisfaction. Everything we do starts with our customers and our mission to provide sailors around the world with quality sails and unparalleled personal service. No other sailmaker works as hard to satisfy the unique needs of every client, from dinghies to superyachts, and every boat in between. If you're looking to win races, cruise confidently, or just enjoy your boat more, you can rely on Doyle.



For more than 30 years Doyle Sails has led the way by continually innovating to deliver the highest performing sails. Doyle's expert design team consists of highly qualified sailors that cover every aspect of sailmaking, from R&D and design to sailmaking technology. Doyle uses a sophisticated and thorough approach to the design and engineering of all sails that makes use of advanced design software to design and optimize the sails before they are even built. The design tools and products are amongst the most advanced in the yachting market.



Doyle's reputation for impeccable attention to engineering detail and construction quality has made them the first choice for so many of the world's most spectacular yachts. All of our sails are performance focused, durable, and importantly, look good. We understand that our customers need products and solutions that deliver style as well as technical performance. We spend time and effort understanding those needs and delivering solutions that look great and add to the overall image of the stunning yachts of our customers.



We listen and understand our customers. Our global loft network and world class team deliver a unique level of service and efficiency in this fast evolving yachting market. The Doyle group is made up of highly motivated and determined individuals that work hard to provide unparalleled customer service. We are committed to ensuring that our clients continually benefit from the knowledge of the best in the industry.



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