The Stratis ULx range of high performing surfaces has evolved over many years of Doyle Sails' continual R&D effort to deliver the hardest wearing exterior surface for all Stratis products. This has culminated in a range that has four different densities to offer the perfect surface for any given application. Every Stratis sail is designed and engineered exclusively for that given sails' requirements and owners expectations - be it a small Grand Prix foiling boat through to the largest Superyachts that are breaking new grounds in size and load. Your local Doyle expert can walk you through which ULx surface from ULx 4, ULx 3, ULx 2, ULx 1 fits your criteria for the ultimate in custom sails.

ULx 4

Stratis ULx 4 is designed for the superyacht/ocean cruising yacht and is the preferred choice for all larger sails that require a slightly more durable surface whilst not compromising either performance or longevity.

Available Colours: White, Titanium or Black

ULx 3

Stratis ULx 3 is designed for the coastal/inshore cruising yachts, club racers and superyacht sails where weight savings are required. The ULx 3 surface is the ultimate choice for yachts looking for the perfect mix of weight, performance and durability. This surface can be used on overlapping headsails.

Available Colours: White, Titanium or Black

ULx 2

Stratis ULx 2 is the ultimate lightweight surface. The perfect application for all downwind inventories where spinnakers staysails, genoa staysails and code sails are required. ULx 2 is also used primarily for Grand Prix Mainsails/Headsails.

Available Colours: White, Titanium or Black

ULx 1

Stratis ULx 1 is the lightest surface available in the ULx range and is being used as a downwind surface for Grand Prix yachts.

Available Colours: White or Black

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