GPx Films are a range of BOPET (Biaxial-Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate) based race films. Stratis uses a special grade of PET which is carefully manufactured to ensure very low balanced shrinkage at elevated temperatures.

The 0.75mil and 0.5mil clear films are designed specifically to block out the more damaging UVA radiation. Because it absorbs more than 99% of ultraviolet radiation integrated across the spectrum, it delivers best-in-class protection against the harmful UV rays that contribute to fading and degrading of the fibres in the membrane, compared to competitive products.

Our clear, UV-absorbing films utilize a unique proprietary process that impregnates the film with UV-absorbing chemicals, yet does not affect film clarity. Unlike conventional coated films, our films assure UV protection that will not flake, scratch off, rub off, peel or streak. That makes them well suited to help protect the membranes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.


Membranes can be specified with double films for ultimate performance, a single film and taffeta or a single film and a ULx surface for slightly better durability with minimal weight gain.

The 0.25mil film is 0.00025 Inch (0.006mm) is an extremely light specialty grade. This grade is half the overall weight of the 0.5mil UV films and used for applications requiring ultra-light weight material. No other manufacturer has the capability to use this grade of film.

(Yacht Image: Maxi 72 Proteus with GPx headsail)


0.25mil (left circle image) film has no UV blocking capabilities, the UV blockers incorporated in the Stratis adhesive system are sufficient to protect the fibre from degrading for the type of sails with this film (Gennaker, Code Zero’s etc.)

0.5mil (middle circle image) UV film is 0.0005 inch (0.0127mm) is a light grade for light air sails and regatta sails.

0.75mil (right circle image) UV film is 0.00075 Inch (0.019mm) and a standard grade for all purpose and larger racing sails.


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