Technora is a para-aramid high performance fibre, made from copolymers and produced in a different process from PPTA (Twaron). Technora is exclusively manufactured by Teijin Aramid in Matsuyama, Japan.

Technora is eight times as strong as steel, and has high modulus, as well as great heat and chemical resistance. Because of its high-performance properties, this fibre is primarily used for industrial and reinforcement applications.

Technora Filament Yarn Advantages:

  • Excellent resistance to heat degradation
  • Excellent tensile strength and fatigue resistance
  • Superior resistance to chemicals and salt water
  • Adjustable to different applications
  • Long-term dimensional stability


At Doyle Stratis we use both the spun dyed black and the natural coloured Technora; spun dyed black is highly resistant to UV which makes it a better choice than Twaron or Kevlar where durability is required. (See top image of black and natural colored Technora)

This black fibre is produced by adding a 5% loading of nano-grade carbon black to the reaction vessel, which binds the carbon black into the fibre irreversibly during the polymer condensation.

The natural coloured Technora is bronze which provides us with the best fibre for performance cruise and superyacht sails. The natural coloured fibre has slightly different surface chemistry to the spun dyed black fibre and after extensive testing with our Stratis adhesive system it has been fine-tuned to provide the best adhesion to this fibre. In fact, the adhesion is better than any other fibre, making it the ideal choice where long-term durability and laminate integrity are vital.

The mechanical properties of black Technora are affected somewhat by the addition of the carbon black, and the natural coloured colour Technora has marginally higher modulus and tenacity.

Despite the small differences shown in the table to the left, there is little to difference in Technora and Vectran, which are correspondingly matched by almost identically excellent resistance to flex fatigue.

(See bottom comparison table between Technora, Vectran and Twaron)


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