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Our exclusive Cable-less technology is a revolutionary sailmaking application that eliminates the use of torsion cables - increasing the range in upwind and downwind angles results in more luff projection and less weight. Initially designed as a concept to redefine and test the boundaries of traditional cabled code sails, Cable-less sails have now become one of the most sought after and recognisable applications in the industry - winning all over the world and leaving competitors struggling to catch up. A similar structured luff technology is now being applied to headsails and staysails.


Cable-less technology sees an uninterrupted lens of unidirectional fibres designed in the luff of the sail take the load from the tack all the way to the head. The secret behind the concept is that the load is taken along the sails natural load path instead of requiring many tons of cable tension to try and keep the luff tight. In the case of a Cable-less Code Zero the luff is pushed to windward creating a far straighter luff for a fraction of the load and allows the luff to be eased and flown for deeper angles. When it comes time to furl the sail away the bands of unidirectional Carbon running down the luff allow for a quick and easy ‘bottom up’ furl.

The lower loads required for Cable-less sails means weight savings can be made in the mast, rigging, bowsprit and deck systems. The loads can be up to 30% less than a cabled sail, making sails lighter and easier to handle.


This is a product that has been under development since 2016, and has been tested at the highest level of the sport in the last year.

Given Doyle’s past experience in engineering sails that are able to save weight and handle enormous loads, Cable-less sails are a perfect extension of their resources to deliver an easy to handle, light weight product that has application for both Grand Prix racing programs and cruisers alike.

The combination of Doyle’s experienced design and engineering team and the Stratis production process to run long, uninterrupted carbon fibres has ushered in the last ground breaking improvement to both upwind and downwind sailing.


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