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Superyacht Captains from SY Fidelis and SY Rosehearty on why they trust Doyle for world sailing.


56m I Perini Navi

"The good ship Fidelis is on a slow roll around the world and has been for 7 years. Fidelis has ventured 1,500 miles up the Amazon river, through Patagonia & down to the Antarctic, up the Yangon river, in Myanmar, and we even spent a Christmas in Mumbai a few years ago. We are on our second suit of Doyle sails, having changed everything during our '5 year survey' period in Auckland, New Zealand in 2016, and we could not be happier.

Perini Navi yachts do not pretend to be something they are not. They are not rocket ships, they are comfortable, extremely sea worthy, long distance cruising yachts. However, they do sail a lot better than many would believe, and I am very happy to say that our Doyle sails lift us to even greater heights. Fidelis is a joy to sail and because of this we tend to 'air the laundry' more often than not. Our Boss loves it, I love it.

In the years before I joined Fidelis the crew have nothing but good things to say about the sails and the quality of after sale service. We never needed much in the way of repairs, but when we did, the local Doyle loft could not have been friendlier or more helpful.

Bottom line, from me, is that Doyle Sails is an excellent company to deal with and as we continue on our world voyage, currently cruising around the Pacific, every time I look up, I shall do so with a smile."

Robert 'Johnno' Johnston, Captain SY Fidelis


56m I Perini Navi

"Some testimonials are easier to write than others. This one is very easy. I have been Captain and Superyacht Captain for 30 years and watched the evolution from crosscut Dacron to Superyacht Carbon/Stratis code furling A3's of over 2,000 sqm - where we are today.

On many of my last project builds and commands we have been working strongly with Doyle sails, through choice. Why? It is not just building the new sails that are pushing the boundaries of both shape speed and longevity but the cost is fair and reasonable also given the proven life expectancy. (Rosehearty sails were new in 2015 and we are on our 2nd round the world trip!)

Doyle have always been out front in these areas. The development work that was put into the new Perini 60m Perseus^3 with its very powerful and advanced sail plan to a replacement set for Rosehearty, my current command, the product has been excellent and equally as carefully taken care of. However, it is not just design and the cloth development that sets Doyle apart. It is the service, the go beyond expectation attitude that also adds to their successful formula. Finally I must say it is also the people of Doyle, no matter which loft, USA, New Zealand, Italy, that we have come to completely rely on."

David Hutchison, Captain SY Rosehearty


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