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With all the hype around the new boat designs for the next America's Cup, it's no wonder that we're seeing a trickle-down effect of foiling trends for 2019. Check out our list of projects to keep an eye on throughout the year.


6.9 m I Foiling Monohull I Italy

Currently in the early testing phases, the 69F is a small foiling monohull measuring out to 6.90 metres in length, making it unlike anything else of its size. The boat holds three crew on racks rather than trapezes for easier maneuverability. Other features include, v-shaped lifting foils, a t-shaped rudder, a lifting fin and 40 sqm of sail for lift off. Doyle Sails Italy provided a Stratis main and jib for the sea trails at the end of last year.

The concept behind the project is to create professional racing circuits, similar to that of the Extreme Sailing Series, as well as, holding race events at the club level.

Follow their progress here 69F Sailing


50 ft I Foiling Multihull I 6 Teams I International

SailGP is the brainchild of former America’s Cup veterans Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts. SailGP plans to re-define sailing with a thrilling new fan-centric grand prix racing circuit, 5 events to take place during 2019 with 6 nation vs nation race teams. The teams will race on board identical wing-sailed F50s - the world’s fastest, most technologically advanced catamarans.

Follow the story here SailGP

©Matt Knighton/ USA SailGP Team


7.9 m I Foiling Multihull I 6 Teams I Australia

Everything about the SuperFoiler racing circuit in Australia is about adrenaline-fueled speed. Doyle Sails produced the sails for these high-octane foiling trimarans for their upcoming 2019 series.

"To design, build and develop the SuperFoiler we required great minds and lateral thinking to bring together so many innovations and make the craft functional. Mike, Richard, David (and the entire team) embraced our concept and have done everything possible to assist us and indeed produce an excellent product for the SuperFoiler fleet. It is a pleasure to work with the Doyle Sails team and we’re excited to continue with them into the future."

Jack Macartney, Chief Operating Officer SuperFoiler Grand Prix


60ft I Reichel-Pugh I Hungary

Wild Joe is one of the world's fastest 60' sail yachts and the first in the offshore racing circuit to have a collapsable keel. This year the team's racing schedule includes 7 events. Key focus put on the Rolex Giraglia, Middle Sea Race and the Thousand Island Race.

When we decided to retrofit Wild Joe with DSS we knew that the performance gains would mean renewing elements of the sail program. We approached Doyle because of their extensive experience working with DSS yachts such as Infiniti and Hugo Boss. We were amazed by their energy and commitment to the project, Stu Bannatyne provided excellent client care and a huge amount of experience in developing the new sails for the yacht. They arrived on time, in pristine condition and were finished beautifully. The flying shapes were perfect and not only complemented the performance gains when using DSS but improved the boat even when sailing without DSS.

I'm really satisfied with the service, quality, support and innovation we received from Doyle Sails.

- Márton Józsa, Owner SY Wild Joe


10.85 m I Beneteau I France

The latest edition of the Beneteau Figaro (BF3) monohull features inward-facing carbon foils, a ballast-free hull, a deeper keel and an extensive sail plan. Sails will include, a square-top mainsail, genoa, jib, a masthead spinnaker and a small spinnaker.

BF3 was designed exclusively for the French short-handed race the Solitaire du Figaro in June 2019. Doyle Sails' Stu Bannatyne has developed sail inventories for four BF3's with sail trials scheduled in 2 weeks time.

More info here Figaro Beneteau 3


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