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Read what our clients had to say about Doyle's Cable-less sail technology.


Fast 40+ I Cable-less Code 0, Genoa Staysail & Spinnaker Staysail

Doyle Sails worked closely with Rán to come up with a suit of downwind cable-less sails in preparation for the Fast 40+ race circuit this year.

"We chose on Rán to go with Doyle's Cable-less Code Zero on our new Fast 40+ as they were the only sailmaker that could offer that technology.

Being a lighter sail and flying straighter in the luff for less load ticks all the boxes for what we were looking for and we have not been disappointed."

Tim Powell, Programme Manager for Rán


Supermaxi I Cable-less J0, A2 & Masthead 0

"We, INFOTRACK have sailed under North Sails for all our racing career and this year - 2018, we have decided to give Doyle Sails the opportunity to provide inventory due to a few factors.

1. Doyle have developed a new ‘cableless’ sail system which is very interesting as well as lighter.

2. Doyle, via Richard Bouzaid, have reviewed much of our inventory with the sole motivation of betterment or, questioning the questionable. The results have very much been profitable regarding speed gains and becoming lighter. 100’er MAXI’s are always looking for weight savings.

3. Last but not least, you get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ from Doyle, we have bought 6 new sails as well as other performance enhancing items and at very reasonable prices.

The Doyle Team, led by Moose Sanderson and David Duff were just passionate, focused and very intelligent. Richard Bouzaid was all over every area with hands on involvement and now, having Chris Nicholson driving the Australian end, it makes for comfortable commercial decision making. It is also great to work with GREAT blokes.

At this stage, we see Doyle Sails through, SPEED - ACCURACY - QUALITY (SAQ) which these days, and to run these programs towards a rational approach in cost effectiveness, the 3 above factors are at the top of my list."

Joe Akacich, Skipper InfoTrack


Supermaxi I Cable-less J1, J0 & A3

Doyle Sails designed a suit of Cable-less sails for Comanche in the lead up to the main event of their season, the Sydney to Hobart Race. In doing so, they have acquired a Cable-less J1, J0 and A3.

“Comanche has been able to realise more of her potential with the addition of Doyle’s cable-less sails, and I recommend this exciting technology for any size boat.

The big jibs and the A3 are very powerful and yet significantly lighter than I ever expected, increasing acceleration with greater righting moment available. The sails’ ability to hold their shape at all angles with virtually no luff sag is astounding in such big sails. We have reduced rig load dramatically with these cableless sails and our performance has improved in all conditions, particularly light air.

Our new Doyle mainsail is exceptionally high quality and the reduction in permanent weight aloft gives immediate gains in all winds.”

Jim Cooney, Owner Comanche


43m I Vitters I Cable-less Code 0

Mystere made the switch over to Cable-less as they wanted a sail that could handle a broader range of wind angles with the least amount of sail handling. The Cable-less successfully meets both of the needs, so much so that it's the only downwind sail Mystere carries in their inventory.

"The sail really exceeded our expectations. It's so much easier to handle and stow than the conventional cabled sail it replaced. It takes up a lot less space in the forepeak, sets beautifully, has impressive deep angle range and is easy to furl. A huge step forward in my opinion. I can't imagine ever going back to a luff cable."

Michael Kopman, Captain, SY Mystere


31m I Southernwind I Cable-less Code 0 & A1

Launched in March of 2018, Seatius has been specified with offshore cruising in mind, rather than regatta racing. For this reason, she has been fitted with a range of durable Stratis furling sails for ease of short-handed sailing — features that will come in handy during her 7,000 nautical mile voyage, with her owner at the helm and a skeleton crew.

“We first started talking to Doyle about their Cable-less sails when the technology was still fairly new, so there was a degree of trepidation when placing the order for Seatius. I can now happily report that all doubts have been dispelled and the sails have outperformed expectations. Seatius does not participate in any racing but performance is nonetheless very important to us and we cover a lot of miles. The Cableless gear we have on board have become our off-wind sail of choice thanks to the wide wind range and consistently high numbers they provide. In addition to this, they are light, easy to handle, furl reliably and keep the loads on the boat, rig and hardware down. As far as I can see – it’s a big, big leap forward."

Angus Fuller, Captain SY Seatius


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