Doyle Sails | Doyle teams up with Live Ocean for Christmas

Doyle teams up with Live Ocean for Christmas

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This Christmas, in lieu of a physical present, and on behalf of us all that have the ocean as our playground, Doyle Sails has made a considerable donation to save a seabird known to sailors everywhere. A donation has been made to Peter Burling and Blair Tuke's new marine conservation charity. Live Ocean, and its first project is getting behind the race to save the Antipodean albatross. 

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Antipodean albatross

The Race to Save the Antipodean albatross

The Antipodean albatross nests and breeds only on New Zealand’s Antipodes Islands in the Subantarctic. Two-thirds of the breeding population has disappeared in 14 years as climate change is thought to have driven the birds further North where it's believed they’re getting caught by longlines.

Doyle Sails has gifted a state-of-the-art satellite tracker which will be attached to an albatross - the researchers say this is the critical first step in saving the species. These solar powered trackers transmit data in near real time and are accurate within a few metres.

This data is consolidated with the Global Fishing Watch data to understand the flight paths of these birds and where and how they're getting into trouble. Government and environmental interests can then work with the fleets on proven mitigation techniques such a sinking lines and setting lines at night.

Department of Conservation scientists (DOC) will put our tracker directly on the bird while visiting the Antipodes Islands in January. We’ll be able to get a photo of our bird and track its movements via an albatross tracking app.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you. For more information visit

When you're in the Southern Ocean, working so hard, sometimes you'll see an albatross flying next to the boat. They make it look so easy, barely moving their enormous wings, they're just so effortless. The sailing community has got to come around to this because most people will never see an albatross in their lifetime. If we don't, they'll be gone in our children's lifetime. Doyle's gift of a satellite tracker on behalf of their clients and team is so valuable. Good data is the first step in saving this iconic species. Thank you.

- Peter Burling & Blair Tuke


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