Doyle Sails | Global Superyacht Expert Scott Zebny joins Doyle Sails

Global Superyacht Expert Scott Zebny joins Doyle Sails

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The Doyle Sails group continues to expand and strengthen with the exciting appointment of highly regarded superyacht expert Scott Zebny as Global Superyacht Sales Manager and Partner in Doyle Sails Palma.

Scott joins Doyle Sails after 33 years as one of the lead superyacht specialists at North Sails. Initially he was based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida before relocating to Palma, Spain and has since worked with many high profile superyachts such as Athena, Hyperion, EOS, Inoui, Unfurled, Twizzle, Meteor and Ethereal. Scott has also immersed himself in the J-Class scene, working first hand with Endeavor, Ranger, Hanuman, Rainbow and Lionheart.

Scott will be the Global Superyacht Sales Manager and responsible for the coordination of Doyle's worldwide superyacht sales, including end-to-end project management and service support. He will also play a key role in the continued development of superyacht shipyard and supplier relationships, ensuring seamless collaboration in a demanding marketplace.

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Scott Zebny comments on today's news:

"As a previous sailmaking competitor in the superyacht market, I have watched and studied Doyle Sails intently. In the last four years, I have been exceptionally impressed by the reorganization of their global franchise and their continued investment in people and technology. But what I value most is their single-minded focus to put their clients' needs first.

I look forward to working with Chris Sherlock, Phill Maxwell and Luke Molloy in Palma and growing our business there. I'm also really excited to work alongside Mike and Doyle's global superyacht sales team to further extend our presence in the superyacht sector."

Mike Sanderson welcomes Scott to the team:

"As I have said before, building a great business for Doyle Sails relies heavily on securing and working with the best people. I have been working hard over the past few years to attract some significant names and talent and today's announcement about Scott's commitment to join our Doyle family is big news for us and big news for the superyacht world. Most people don't know that Scott also happens to have a degree in aerospace engineering and was involved in the space shuttle program! So it' no wonder we have been battling against him for all these years, the guy is a rocket scientist! I can see why he is so highly regarded in resolving superyacht challenges. Duffy and I have known Scott since we were youngsters on our first Whitbread Race and when Scott was in the loft in Ft. Lauderdale, we worked together for many years as colleagues so it will be a pleasure to do so again. This truly is an exciting addition to our Doyle Sails family."

Scott will begin his new role, effective immediately and can be contacted on:

+34 658 108 881


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