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Congrats to WOW

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Congratulations to WOW.

After sailing halfway around the world the Stealth 14GT ‘Wow’ has recently won the St Maarten’s Heineken Regatta in the Caribbean.

With a small but competitive fleet of multihulls and winds from 5 knots to 20 knots it was a picture perfect regatta held in true paradise.

Wow fended off the very quick Seacart 30 Mortica shipped all the way from Australia for this years run of Caribbean regattas.

The well sailed Mortica has been the boat to beat for the last few years in most regattas along the East coast of Australia but had to settle for 2nd place in this one.

Wow was designed by Alan Carwardine, and partnered with Roger Diggelmann manage the Phuket, Thailand based boat yard Asia catamarans the builders of the Stealth range of cats.

Owners David Liddell and Helen Rudd had the boat built to do what they always dreamed of doing – fast cruising around the world with the intent of circumnavigating while doing as many races and regattas along the way. Yes they love their racing.

The boat left Phuket in 2016, sailed across the Indian ocean and into Cape Town.

Now after crossing the Atlantic they are based in the Caribbean before continuing on thru the Panama and across the Pacific at some stage in the future.

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