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Delta Testimonial from Elan 35 Owner

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Elan 35 boat owner Josh Adams has a Delta Cruise Main and Jib, and Cable-less Code Zero.

DS: What kind of boat do you have?

Josh: We have a 35ft Elan which is a great compromise between family cruising and some not too serious racing.

DS: How long have you had it?

Josh: Since new in 2016

DS: What kind of sailing do you do currently?

Josh: Winter is all about Short Handed racing or around the cans with some crew and after Coastal Classic we fill the boat up with all the cruising gear.

DS: Who do you sail with?

Josh: Winter = anyone who is happy to freeze on the rail and Summer = family time

What kind of sailing will you be doing in the future, where’s the next adventure?

Josh: Well we completed the 2017 Round North Island Race and have contemplated going further afield but will stick to the local coastal races for now.. The next real adventure may require a bigger boat and some bigger sails from Doyles!

DS: What are the key qualities you look for when purchasing sails?

Josh: Probably the balance between durability and performance. If it weighs a touch more but will last longer and hold its shape well then I guess in the long run it costs less..

DS: How have you found the quality of the product?

Josh: The boat is Performing much better than when it arrived and is well optimised with the sail wardrobe now, which caters for a much wider range of conditions than the cruising rags that arrive with the boat when new.

DS: How was your customer experience with Doyle?

Josh: Easy and solutions driven. We focused on where the boat was underperforming and worked on designing sails that helped fill that gap first. Being competitive whilst also cooking a roast makes a big difference to the overall enjoyment on the water!

DS: Would you purchase from Doyle in the future?

Josh: Yes

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