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Doyle Sails celebrates 18+ years of partnership with the award-winning Hylas Yachts.

Hylas Yachts, built by Queen Long Marine in Taiwan, have been building custom luxury yachts for over 30 years. Hylas' world-class reputation delivers on their promise of superior craftsmanship, sophisticated designs, comfortability and reliability - making their yachts the perfect all-rounder for the offshore cruiser. Growing increasingly popular, Hylas has most recently been recognized as “Boat of the Year” by Cruising World Magazine.

In Cruising World's review, judge Ed Sherman praises the quality workmanship found on Hylas Yachts, “I’ve always been amazed how well the Queen Long boatyard does. This was built by a very experienced Taiwanese workforce, and they’re artisans. They take what they do very seriously, and they do a very good job. They put metal plates in the laminate as backing for winches, and they’re using stainless steel, not aluminum. I’m feeling really good about that."

Judge Alvah Simon adds, “It’s thick, it’s heavy, it’s gusseted. The pushpit, the pulpit, the stanchions, the lifelines — there’s just no give. They’re excellent. There are just so many things that reflect quality and attention to detail. Yes, it’s more expensive than the other boats in this class. But there’s real value there too. It’s solidly put together. It’s a very elegant-looking boat. For a couple who want and can afford this style of bluewater cruiser, it’s a sweet ride.”

Read the full review here: https://www.cruisingworld.com/...

Hylas Yachts take great pride in their ability to create high-performing yachts, which offer both elegance and functionality; making their choice to partner with Doyle Sails an easy one. For over 18 years Hylas and Doyle Sails have teamed up to deliver the complete custom package for the offshore cruising sailor. Sharing similar brand values, the two companies have been able to collaborate harmoniously on over 100 Hylas sailing projects.

Service Director from Hylas Yachts International, Christian Pschorr on working with Doyle Sails, "Why do we love Doyle sails? I’ve got 150 reasons. That’s how many thousands of miles Doyle Sails have propelled my Hylas Yachts deliveries. For 150 thousand miles, Doyle sails have kept me moving fast through light air and gales. No matter where on earth we’ve been, from the Caribbean to the Med, from Seattle to the South Pacific, and South China Sea, Doyle has been there for me and for our clients. Doyle is the Hylas brand of sail."

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As the sole sail supplier for Hylas, Doyle provide each new yacht build with the highest quality cruising sails available on the market. As there are different styles available depending on the application, the Doyle loft works closely with the Hylas customer to determine the best sail solutions. In addition, Doyle and Hylas offer continued after-sales service and support to their customers for years to come.

Peter Grimm of Doyle Florida East comments, "The Hylas team insists on customer service and quality, which fits perfectly with what we provide all our customers. We make sure customers don't only get the best sails, but understand them as well, so they can get the most out of them and their boat."



"Amara is a Hylas 54. This fantastic vessel has carried us 20,000+ miles, halfway around the world to Sydney, Australia. This adventure and the toll of such a journey could not have been done without the skillful team at Doyle Fort Lauderdale.

During the planning phase of our journey, we did seek the opinion and advise of a number of fellow cruisers and sail lofts. During the investigation phase, it became evident that our sails were capable of completing the trek, yet were showing signs of age. From a conservative approach, it was decided to refit Amara with a new set of sails and make some additions to make the westward journey comfortable, safe and efficient.

The guidance of Mr. Peter Grimm and the support of the Doyle team resulted in not only an exceptional result for Amara within the 2018 World ARC fleet, but he also came to the rescue of many participants during the crossing of the South Pacific.

Our new Doyle Genoa and Main were both constructed from Fibercon Hybrid material. This set of sails were the work horses for our crossing. The new Code Zero made from CZ-60 Silver was the go-to sail when the breeze went below 16 knots and aft of the beam. We consistently saw speeds of 8 knots and higher, with the biggest accomplishment being our passage from the Galapagos to the Marquises, a 3000 mile leg in 17 days 2 hours! That is an average of 7.3 nautical miles per hour, over 410 hours of sailing.

Companies are made up of a cast of characters, all add up to the sum of your experience as you make purchasing decisions. Our decision to refit Amara with new sails and head west was supported beyond our wildest dreams as we sailed into the sun with our Doyle sails. Thanks Peter!"

- Amara Owner, Rick Langille


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