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New Doyle Loft to Open in Helsinki, Finland

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Doyle Sails International is happy to announce that Toni Kuusinen and Pontus Harlin are setting up a new loft in Helsinki, Finland, to better serve customers in the region around the capital. This is the second loft in Finland in addition to existing loft in Loviisa.

Pontus Harlin started his career in the music industry in event production, hosting and transportation systems in Finland and indeed still owns a guitar! Between 2004 and 2014 he worked in a nautical store gaining valuable experience across all range of marine equipment and then he started his sail making career in 2016 with Stefan ‘Stratis’ Stenstrom who has been leading Doyle Sails in Finland since 1995. Pontus has 30 years of sailing experience having been an active 470 sailor prior to owning a H-Boat. He is also a keen windsurfer.

Toni Kuusinen has been involved in the yachting industry for most of his life and also started his sail making career working as an apprentice for Stefan. He then went on to work for Evolution Sails in Palma, working with Phill Maxwell (now part of the management team at Doyle Sails Palma). Key superyacht projects included CQS Supermaxi, Swan 100FD ‘Hoppetosse’ and a new Swan 95 ‘LOT99’. After a year of experience in Palma, Toni decided to return to Finland to develop his career further. Toni’s sailing experience includes H-Boats, 40 foot offshore boats and classic 6 metre yachts.

Pontus added his comments on this news,

“I am really exciting about these new developments and the plans for the new loft in Finland. We have worked really hard to make this happen and Toni and I are very proud to represent a Doyle loft in Helsinki for the first time ever.”

The loft in Loviisa, by M-Yachts, will continue for now working on repairs, checkups and storage. The two lofts are separate companies working under the worldwide Doyle brand and any orders, communication and invoicing along with warranties, will be handled by each company respectively.

Mike Sanderson, CEO of Doyle Sails International, summed up this news,

“As we continue to develop and grow the Doyle business around the world, it is so satisfying to see our lofts expanding their own businesses and opening new facilities – in this case in Helsinki, Finland. These guys have a fantastic understanding of their local market and great relationships with their customers and I look forward to working with them on some exciting projects in their new loft facility.”

Helsinki Loft 2
Helsinki Loft

New Helsinki Loft:

Address: Veneentekijantie 1, 00210 Helsinki Finland
Telephone: +358 50 5975773 / +358 400 131371

Pontus Harlin, pontus@doylehelsinki.fi

Toni Kuusinen, toni@doylehelsinki.fi

General Email: info@doylehelsinki.fi

Loviisa Loft:

Address: Valkolammentie 2, FI-07910 Loviisa, Finland

Telephone: +358 (0) 40 5118501

Email: info@doylesails.fi


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