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New Stratis Jib for Steinlager 2

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Since it was newly built 5 years ago (with very minor work since then) Steinlager 2's Stratis jib has done over 64,000 NM - that's more than 2 laps of the world. The sail has been estimated to have furled over 70 times a month, over 4,200 times in total. That's durability on a whole new level.

The time has now come to update the indestructible jib with the latest Stratis technology. "Big Red's" sails are now underway at Doyle's New Zealand loft.

Origional Sail Layout
Sail rendering of Steinlager 2's original sail design

Steinlager 2 will have a 100% Technora threaded line Stratis jib. The goal for the team was to replicate the look of her original sails, while using modern technology for the structure of her sails. "We used different colour taffetas to simulate the panels layouts from her sails used in the 1989/1990 Whitbred Race," explains sail designer, Daniel Fong.

Steinlager 2D
Sail rendering of Steinlager 2 with new Stratis jib fibre layout


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