Doyle Sails | Photo of the Day: The Middle of Nowhere

Photo of the Day: The Middle of Nowhere

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The 60m sailing yacht shown in the photograph is on it's way to the uttermost ends of South America, known as Ushuaia.

The photo was taken as the yacht approached the most remote location on earth, Point Nemo. At this point in their journey they are closer to astronauts in space than they are to any life or land on earth!

Google Satellite image of Point Nemo

Report from one of the crew members:

"The new Cableless Jib Top has been performing incredibly well. We’ve sailed something like 3500NM and the Jib Top has been up for just about all of those miles and so far, the only thing that’s needed doing is a little foot cord adjustment. It may not look like it but the boat is sailing at something like 20 knots in this photo."

Hairy Toes
60m sailing yacht approaching Point Nemo


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