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Route du Rhum: Dragon Ocean Racing

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(Photo by Jen Edney)

8th of November, 2018

Day 3 report from Skipper Mike Hennessy:

For those of you who are new to this sailing thing, one of the truths about physics and the wind is that you can’t sail straight into the wind, and you can’t sail with the wind coming straight from behind you. Think about your hand when you stick it out of the window of your car. If you tilt it up or down, the hand moves. If you keep it perfectly flat, pointed into the air rushing down the side of the car, you hand stays put.

For sailing, it’s the same deal. We have to be at an angle to the wind to move forward. If we are going upwind (wind in our face) we need to be at least 40 degrees or so away from the direction of the wind. If we are going down wind (wind at our back), then we need to be about 25 degrees away from the direction of the wind.

But if the wind is either blowing from or to exactly where we want to go, then we have to zig zag our way towards that destination, sailing for a while in a direction that is 25 to 40 degrees away from the real destination, then flopping over and sailing 25 to 40 degrees away from the real destination but on the other side of it. Each time you flop over, you are still moving in the general direction of where you need to get to, but you have to keep flopping from one side to the other to avoid going too far out of your way.

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Dragon Ocean Racing Facebook post: After a challenging day yesterday where Mike said "The waves we're falling off involve a two metre free fall. It's honestly long enough to count the seconds!" The Dragon has had an amazing night and has made up yet another position! Did someone say 14th? And first vintage?

Read the full report here: https://www.dragonoceanracing....


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