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Route du Rhum Update: Alex Thomson Racing

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The latest updates from Alex Thomson Racing:

Alex Thomson has been leading the way from early on in the race, winning the Brittany Ferries trophy for the furthest distance traveled in the first 24-hours of Route du Rhum in the IMOCA class. Thomson's decision to face the storm head-on by taking the northerly route at the start has worked to his advantage so far, but not without some difficulties along the way, "In the maximum winds in that storm, after the front, I saw gusts of 50 knots and unfortunately, my, umm, my little lazy jack broke," Thomson explains in an audio interview with the race organisation on Day 3. Yesterday he gained a top speed of 38.5 knots.

Thomson plans to escape the high pressure, but at the cost of losing some mileage and ultimately the lead. It will be a close race once Thomson and the IMOCA's pass the ridge of high pressure, then it will all be about speed. "This boat goes very well downwind, so it will be a good race from then on hopefully", Thomson reports on Day Four in the video below:

Latest video update 13th of November:


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