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The 50th edition of the biennial Transpac Yacht Race had come to a close on Tuesday, the 23rd of July. The 2225-mile race, stretching from Los Angeles to Honolulu, threw the fleet a few challenges. The last wave of 24 monohulls and 4 multihulls to leave Long Beach found that they had a bit of a tougher and slower start as compared to the smaller boats that left a day earlier. Nevertheless, several Doyle-powered yachts had outstanding performances and results.

Jim Cooney's Verdier/VPLP 100 Comanche which carries a selection of Doyle's Cable-less sails as well as 'Structured luff' jibs and staysails, was the first monohull to finish the race, winning the coveted Barn Door Trophy. Although Comanche was unable to beat their previous record set in 2017 - the yacht had an impressive performance finishing the race in 5 days 11:14:05 with a VMG of about 17 knots.

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Comanche finishing the race off of Diamond Head in Honolulu © Sharon Green/ Ultimate Sailing

Comanche Race Master and Doyle Sails CEO Mike Sanderson comments,

"It was an amazing experience to join Comanche for the 50th running of the iconic Transpac race. Even more special was the fact that the boat was eligible for the first time for the famous Barn Door trophy, which I believe will encourage the world's 100 foot super-maxi’s to come and compete in this amazing race."

"For me it was impressive to witness first hand the huge impact that the Cable-less reaching and running sails and the Structured Luff jibs have had on the performance of the boat. Who would have thought only a few years ago we would be sailing with straighter forestays, greater luff projection with less load?! As hard as it is to believe it’s happening.”

Chris Nicholson, Comanche Watch Captain and owner of Doyle Sails Lake Macquarie also shares his comments,

“It doesn’t get much better than a sled ride on the world’s fastest super-maxi, Comanche. The boat is impressive with its performance numbers and its super high technology is the perfect companion to Doyle's Cable-less technology. A huge congratulations to the owners Jim Cooney and Samantha Grant along with their sons James and Douglas Cooney all whom were onboard to win the Barn Door.”

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Comanche crew accepting the Barn Door Trophy © 2019 Transpacific Yacht Club

Manouch Moshayedi's Bakewell/White 100 Rio 100 was the next monohull to finish off of Honolulu's Diamond Head with a total elapsed time of 6:09:08:19, winning the Merlin Trophy as a result.

Tony Mutter from Rio 100 commented on the sails performance,

"We were using a mixture of different age DS sails on the Rio 100 for the Transpac. The standout sail was the new Cable-less J0 which suites the boat so well. It performed amazingly over a wide range of light upwind and reaching conditions. The boat has never performed that well before in those conditions."

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Rio 100 rounding Diamond Head for the finish © Ronnie Simpson/ Ultimate Sailing
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Rio 100 celebrates dockside after finishing the Transpac in Honolulu © Ronnie Simpson/ Ultimate Sailing

Division 1 yachts Pac52 BadPak and RP 66 Alive came out on top with a 1st and 2nd place respectively.

BadPak carries a partial Doyle inventory which includes, a Cable-less spinnaker staysail, a Cable-less A3 and an A2.5 spinnaker.

Matt Smith, BadPak's Project Manager commented,

“It was great to have follow-up sails onboard from Doyle for the 2019 Transpac Race. After their successful Cable-less A3 was incorporated into our inventory for the Islands and Cabo races, the program added a staysail and an A2.5, thanks Doyle."

BadPak crew member and Doyle's Grand Prix Sales and Projects Coordinator Stu Bannatyne also offered his feedback on the their sails performance,

"Our Doyle sails on BadPak contributed significantly to our success in winning Division 1 in the Transpac race. We saw plenty of hours on our new Stratis spinnaker staysail which doubled as our drifter in the very light conditions we experienced early on in the race and then again for the very long VMG run in from 5 days out. The Stratis A3 also contributed to a very fast 10 hours or so when it was deployed and gave us a nice jump before we peeled to the brand new A2.5 and began the long VMG stage of the race. All in all a nice race with the Badpak team and very happy to come out on top of a super competitive Division 1!"

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BadPak celebrate their Division 1 victory dockside in Honolulu © Joyce Riley

Alive, which also carries a partial Doyle inventory including all new, A2, A4, Cable-less Jib Top, Genoa Staysail and Spin Staysail.

Crew member and Doyle Sails Consultant Will Tiller praises the sails that had been added in time for the race,

"This season on Alive we had our sights set on the Transpac, spending the months prior competing on the USA west coast to prepare. Over this time we worked on customising our sail wardrobe the best we could for the big race without building strictly ORR sails, with this in mind we had the following new Doyle sails added to our inventory, A2, A4, Cableless JT, GS and SS."

"The Transpac got off to a very slow start for the first 24-hours but from there on we spent the next 6 days sailing in champagne conditions with a steady 20kts all the way to Hawaii. Once the breeze built we soon got into our work, pushing hard all the way. We came very close to the Pac 52 BadPak for the division win which was always going to be tough but 2nd was still a very good result and we are in great shape for the upcoming Hobart. All of our new sails saw plenty of use with the A2, A4 and SS being the workhorses for the race but our JT filled in a nice gap as we peeled through our reaching sails in the beginning of the race."

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Will Tiller at the wheel onboard Alive at the start of the Transpac Race © Sharon Green / Ultimate Sailing

Great work to all that participated and a big shout to our Doyle-powered yachts Maverick, Caro and Vitesse who all had a great race. Check out the full results, news and photos here: Transpac 2019


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