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Delta sails have been developed as a sail solution for cruising and racing yachts under 50’, and MADE IN NEW ZEALAND. Utilizing the same adhesives and lamination process of our Stratis plant, these sails offer similar benefits as our premier product. A modern alternative to the traditional panelled construction, Delta provides you with high-quality fibre and proven fibre layouts. Built for versatility, performance and longevity.

The fibres used in Delta laminates are Black Technora, Carbon or Polyester with the surface option of white, black or grey taffeta or clear UV films. Technora fibres are extremely durable and resistant to flex fatigue, whereas Carbon fibres have the ability to resist stretch and maintain great shape retention over the life of the sails. While Polyester gives you the best value for money.

Multi Delta Race 1
Multihull Racing Delta Mainsail & Headsail
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