Sailor and sailmaking craftsman Antoine Thullier joins Doyle Sails Palma

The newest addition to the Doyle Sails Palma family is sailor and sailmaking craftsman Antoine Thullier. Born and raised on the Atlantic coast of France Antoine Thullier grew up by the sea and fostered a passion for sailing from an early age. From a child, Thullier felt a connection to the sea and began to understand his path in life was going to be connected to this environment. 

Antoine is the newest member of the Doyle Sails Palma team and will be leading the service team in Mallorca alongside Chris Sherlock, Scott Zebny, Luke Molloy and their team of high-profile designers, sailors and sailmakers including renowned sailor and designer Jordi Calafat and sailmaker Guido Romana.

“I jumped into the industry at 20 years old when all I wanted to do was talk about sailing every day. I joined a local sail loft in the south of Britany where I took the opportunity to learn and discover the art of sailmaking,” says Thullier, during his first day on the job in Palma.

“After that, I joined Incidences sails in La Rochelle to help on big offshore multihull projects and collaborated with Maxime Paul, which has been such an enjoyable experience for me, and elevated my skill level and craftsmanship.”

With his sights set on discovering more of the sailing world, Antoine moved to Spain to work with another sailmaker and was quickly intrigued by the Grand Prix, Maxi classes, and illustrious superyacht scene. Thullier continued, ‘it was the perfect location to launch myself as a sailmaker, sailor and hard worker. I have now been lucky enough to sail on TP52s, Wally’s and many Superyachts over the last 15 years”.

By 2013 Thullier had established himself within a great network of sailing teams and had a sought-after skillset that prompted him to launch his own sailmaking company. Servicing and building new sails and developing many solutions around sails, race bags and specific covers for prestigious yachts.

“The key was to deliver an exclusive and custom product and service, sharing and understanding the needs of the yachts captains and race crew. It has been a challenge that has made me stronger,

“Joining Doyle Sails will present more opportunities for me and to be part of this world-class team is a highlight. They are the leader of sailmaking, and Doyle Sails have built an extremely talented team and it is a great opportunity to grow, sharing everybody’s experience, knowledge and skills.”

ABOUT DOYLE SAILS PALMA // Doyle Sails Palma is a world-class facility and currently one of the largest sail lofts in the area with over 3,000 sqm of floor space. The primary focus for the loft is the finishing and servicing of Grand Prix and Superyacht sails. Home to one of the most influential and experienced teams in the industry, Doyle Sails Palma is well established with Chris Sherlock, Scott Zebny and Luke Molloy at the helm. Learn more here.

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